His Wife

It was after very long time that I could manage to take my wife out for a holiday to a beach resort in Goa, India. I am 40 years old and my wife Anita is

about 33, but she looked as good as 27 years. She has very

firm body structure and very attractive features. When ever we go out, I watch people watching her features she is very proud of that and she always makes a point to wear very attractive or transprent cloths to get more eyeballs.

As I grow older, atleast I looked 5 years older than what my age, i always had feeling that i am not the right match for my wife, Anita wants to have lots of fun and she is always looking out for adventures.

We landed in Goa, one of finest beach resorts in india, We were walking the beach, Anita wanted to experience paragliding, she instited that both of us take the ride, i was shit scared of such adventrues, she finally made to paragliding with a help of a fisherman boy who is around 20 years old, dark, thin and very strong indian boy. He had very attractive looks and he was wearing just an underwear, which projected his features very well. Anita was wearing normal sari, she was placed next to him and she was holding his body very tight before going on trip. As they went up, i could see both of them hold each other very closly.

I took a while before they return, My heart was beating hard as my wife is in hands of an attractive young man, I am really worried about her safe return to me.

As they landed, they both become very close and they are holding each other very intimately. Seeing this the whole crowd was cheering them. I felt insulted, I went close to them and pulled my wife close to me, she came with me with lot of reluctence.

I pulled her very fast and we reached our hotel room, after some time i heard door knocking, To my surprise i saw Joesph ,fisher man boy standing on the door and looking at my wife, Anita was stunded and inviting him into room with big smile, I protested frist,but ANita was very sure that she wanted him. I begged her not to go with that boy. she accepted and told me she would like to spent that night with him in our room.

Finally i accepted and allowed them to sleep in the bed and i adjusted myself in the floor. ANita immediatly pulled his underwear down and his 9inch cock bounced out like a monstor, She sucked his cock for almost 30 mintues and took the cum fully in her mouth. after some time he started fucking her pussy, he almost fucked her for 45 minutes and fired his cum twice in her unprotected pussy.
ANita became tried and she sleept, I could not get sleep seeing this, to my surprise his cock is still eract and he was strugling to control his cock. I watching his cock for sometime, then i slowly touch his balls, he firmly touched my head and accepted me to give him blow job, I sucked his cock for almost 30 miuntes and got his cum fired in my mouth.

It was a great experience, now i call him quite often to have sex with anita, I too enjoy giving blow job to him, ANita likes watching me sucking his cock..



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