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Janine Fantasy

After several months of finding individual strangers to have sex with, Janine and I decided that we wanted more than one man or woman to fuck us. Janine told me that she had a fantasy about fucking several men and then having several more cum all over her as one big dick filled her pussy with hot cum. I wanted a woman riding my dick and one on my face at the same time and then a double, or more, blowjob. We were never going to find all that they way we were going.
We took some time and searched the internet. To our delight there were several sex clubs within easy driving distance. Now we had to decide whether we wanted a large club that meets in a hotel or a small one that meets in member homes. All of our research had made us horny so we decided to fuck on our decision. With that we were off to bed.
After Janine had two hard cums she climbed on

top of me and rode me slowly. I took a big tit in each hand and kneaded them while playing with her hard nipples.
Janine stopped moving and I looked at her face. She smiled down at me and said, "A small club with only six to ten couples won't be enough men to give me what I want unless they can recover really fast. I think we should try a large club."
Thinking about her fantasy I knew that she was right. She wanted to fuck as many men as possible and then have several men jack off and shoot their cum all over her while the last dick was still in her well-fucked pussy. That meant that in a small club, she would have to have all the men who were there and that probably would not happen. On the other hand, at a large club we could easily find enough men to complete her fantasy. We agreed on that and she started her hips moving again.
Janine came two more times before lifting her satisfied pussy off my dick and moving down to suck me to climax. Her long tongue licked at my balls and beyond as she took me deep in her hot mouth. Soon I felt that tingle in my balls and told her that I was ready to cum. Her tongue flashed around the head of my cock and I quickly gave her what she wanted. Hot, creamy cum flooded her mouth as she sucked and swallowed. She kept sucking and licking until I was completely satisfied and my balls empty. Letting my dick slowly slip from her lips she moved over me and kissed me and gave me a small portion of my cum to taste.
We made contact with one large club and several days later we received an invitation to join a club meeting in a neighboring city. We were required to attend a pre-party meeting where all the rules would be explained and we would have to assure them that we would not get upset if our partner had sex with another person. That part made us laugh after all the other men and women we had watched each other fuck and suck.
At 5:30 on the dot we knocked on the door of the hotel room designated as the office for the sex club. A female voice called for us to come in. That voice belonged to a very attractive 50ish woman who introduced herself as Ellen; the woman we had corresponded with.
The rules were pretty simple. Sex was by consent only; there were private rooms; fetish rooms; and a large group room where we would find many people engaged in all kinds of sexual activity. We were free to explore all the rooms and join in whenever and wherever we wanted to.
Ellen began to explain the clubs thoughts about new members and the fact that some people could not handle the fact that their wife/girlfriend, husband/boy friend, was having sex with strangers. At that point I stopped her and assured her that this would not be the first time Janine and I had watch as the other fucked or sucked someone else. When we explained some of the things we had done Ellen relaxed. We told her what Janine wanted to do and she suggested the group room. She added that she would help Janine line up the required number of men for her fantasy fuck and cum bath.
Next she smiled at me and asked what I wanted for the evening. How many women would I want to fuck and what types. I told her that I could probably handle four over the course of the evening and really liked to eat pussy and at least once, fuck a woman while Janine sat on her face and had her pussy licked. I saw Ellen's eyes widen as she turned to Janine and said, "So you are bi-sexual then." When Janine confirmed that fact Ellen smiled and said that she liked to welcome new members personally and asked if we found her attractive. With that she stood and move between us. She smiled at me as her hand slid over my crotch. Then she turned to Janine and lifted her face. Janine leaned down and kissed her as both sets of hands began to explore the other's body.
After a few minutes of kissing and groping each other the women moved to the bed and stripped off their clothes. Ellen had a nice trim body and soon found Janine's long tongue deep in her hot pussy. That long tongue soon sent the older woman over the edge and she screamed into a hard climax. They switched places and Ellen began licking and fingering Janine. When her probing fingers fond the g-spot, Janine roared out one of her classic cums that lifted her body off the bed.
When all was calm, Ellen looked at me and said that it was time for me to fuck her. I quickly stripped and found her dripping pussy with my throbbing cock. As I stroked into her, Janine lowered her pussy to Ellen's face for more talented licking. Ellen's pussy was also talented as she milked my dick on every stroke. I felt her shuddering just before she moaned into Janine's wet pussy. She came in a long series of convulsions. I felt that I could get her off one more time before cumming in that sweet pussy so I kept on stroking. Janine was the next one to cum and as she ground her wet pussy into Ellen's face Ellen came again. That was enough to set me off and I drove hard into her cunt and let my balls empty deep inside her clutching pussy. When we were all finished we re-dressed and I thought that this was a great way to join a club.
Ellen gave us a quick tour so we would know where to find what we wanted. Were looked into rooms where men and women were fucking, others where women were doing each other, one for men to suck each other and one for bi-sexual activities. Last on the tour was the group room where everything might happen. This was for those who liked to watch and be watched while engaged in all types of sexual behavior. She asked Janine if she was ready for her fantasy. When Janine said yes, Ellen began calling men's names and waving for them to follow us. Sensing a show, other men and some women followed also.
Janine was asked how many men she thought she could fuck and how many she wanted to jack off on her in the end. She shrugged her shoulders and said that six each should satisfy her fantasy. Twelve men were selected and Ellen asked if Janine had any preference as to which ones fucked her. Not knowing any of them Janine told Ellen to pick them.
As Ellen selected the fuckers and jackers Janine stripped and lay down on a large, low bed. I heard Ellen tell the men to line up and explained that when the last one was about to cum, Janine wanted the others to shoot hot cum all over her. With that the first man dropped between Janine��s legs and showed her his very impressive hard-on. As he rubbed the large head between her wet pussy lips he asked if she was ready. "Stick it in." She said through a big grin.
We all watched as that big cock slowly sunk into Janine's hot pussy. He put it all in her and slowly pulled it back out until just the head was touching her open pussy. He stroke like that for a few moments and then set his rhythm. Janine was enjoying that big dick as her hips lifted to meet his thrust. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and drove hard into her as he pulled at her big tits. Janine looked at me and grinned just before she started to cum. She came so hard that all the man could do was hold on and not pull out of her milking pussy. Just as he was able to start stroking again he moaned that he was going to cum. With that he drove hard into her and grunted. I watched Janine's face and from her smile I knew that this guy had just given her a good load of hot cum. His hips jerked several more times as more hot cum shot into my girl friend's cunt. Each additional spurt brought another quick smile to her face.
As the first man pulled out and stood, he half whispered, "Damn that was good." Before he could move any further, a woman who later proved to be his wife, bent down and sucked the combined juices off his cock.
Number two moved between Janine's legs without a word. The swollen head of his dick pressed into her pussy and he started his stroking, fast and hard. We all watched as Janine's big tits bounced and jiggled as this new cock pounded into her. Her ass lifted to take each savage thrust of this new dick. We could hear his big balls slapping against her ass as he filled her hot cunt with his big meat. There was no finesse in this act, just raw fucking. After a few minutes he growled that he was ready to cum. His hips became almost a blur as he banged into her. With a loud groan he drove into her and held as his balls pumped shot after shot of hot cum into Janine's pussy. At that point Janine screamed and thrust her body upward as she shuddered and jerked in orgasmic pleasure. When they both had finished he pulled out and the same woman sucked the cum from his cock. I laughed to myself and thought that this was a service-oriented club.
The third man wanted his pussy doggy style so Janine got on her hands and knees and waited for her fourth fuck of the evening. Again I saw that Ellen had picked large cocks for Janine's pleasure. Not horse cocks but fairly fat and long. Janine reached between her legs and guided this new cock to her overflowing cunt and thrust her ass back to take it all in one move. When he was certain of his position this guy reached around and grabbed both of Janine's tits and pulled hard as he rammed into her. He pulled at the large nipples and stretched them as his cock pounded into her pussy. Janine placed her finger on her clit and started to rub as this new cock slammed and banged her pussy. This was one of the hardest fucks she had ever had but she urged him on by telling him to give it to her and fuck me hard. Then she demanded that he give her his cum. Like many men, when a woman says that she wants your cum it triggers something and soon after the cum shoots. With a hard pull on her tits he drove his big cock into her and grunted with each surge of his creamy cum. Janine screamed again and came as her pussy was filled to overflowing with a strangers cum. I watched to see if this man had his cock cleaned by the duty cleaner. Not a problem. She bent and sucked his cock and swallowed the mixed cum that she had found there.
As Janine rolled to her back for the fourth cock we could see massive amounts of cum draining from her open pussy. The new man gently sucked at her nipples for a moment while his cock rubbed against her pussy. Then he slowly slid into her. He was more gentle that the last two and fucked her with a slow rhythm for several minutes. Janine smiled at me to let me know that she was enjoying all of this hot meat. As the hot pussy on his dick began to feel better the man increased his speed until he was ready. He asked Janine if she was ready for a big load of cum. "Give it to me." she replied. Three strokes later he did just that. As his ass muscles contracted Janine's eyes opened in surprise at the amount of hot cum that was being forced into her pussy. She came again as his balls were emptied deep inside of her. As he pulled out Janine told him that she wanted to suck him sometime to really see how much cum he had. As he left the bed his dick was also sucked clean.
Number five was a repeat of four but without the large amount of cum. Then it was the last man in line. Ellen told the men who were to jack off to get ready. The man moved into position and we all saw his cock. I wasn't sure that Janine could take that one in her pussy. As he pressed the head to her pussy, cum from the other men was forced out. Streams of cum ran around his big cock as it slowly filled Janine's pussy to the limit. When he was completely in her started to stroke with long slow movements. Ellen arranged the six other men around Janine and told them to try and cum as the man fucking her did. I watched as a very large dick slid in and out of Janine and six other cocks were being stroked over her. She was getting her fantasy and with a very large audience. That was when I realized that there were several women crouching around the bed. As the big dick in her pussy roared that he was cumming, those standing over Janine groaned and grunted. The one in her pussy bucked and jerked as his balls let go and flooded her pussy again. As the first stream of hot cum landed on her tits Janine screamed and came again. Within seconds the remaining men grunted, screamed and moaned as their balls added to the cum bath. Janine had hot cum from her forehead to her pussy with a large amount on her tits.
As the last drops of cum fell to her skin the women that I had noted around the bed moved as one and began to lick the white cream from her body. Hot tongues flashed across her from head to pussy, sucking up cum and cleaning Janine of all evidence that she had just lived her fantasy. When her skin was clear of cum a woman was still licking at her pussy. She was pulling cum out with her fingers as she licked. It was enough for Janine to cum one last time before saying that she was fucked out.
Ellen provided a warm washcloth and a towel for Janine to clean up a bit more before we helped her to the bar for a drink and some rest.
As we sipped our drinks, people came by to say how much they had enjoyed watching and participating in Janine��s fantasy. Janine was still naked and many hands slid over her hot body and a few over me. We let them feel us up without complaint. Several indicated that they would like to be in the next fuck-fest and many said that they wanted some of my hard cock.
As far as my sexual activities for the evening, that is another story. Suffice it to say that I got all that I wanted and then some.
Janine and I are now regular members of the club and are fucking and sucking our way through the membership list.
Life is good.


Benefit of A Friend

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. It was my the beginning of my freshman year in high school that i met and started dating Robin, my high school sweetheart. We dated for three years and were crazy about each other. However, my dad's job forced me to move away the summer before my senior year to Vermont. Robin and I decided not to pursue a long distance relationship and decided to stay very close friends.
Well, Robin and I stayed in contact, oftenly talking on the phone for hours at a time. Although the "relationship" was over, we still had undeniable feelings for each other. About two months after I moved away I drove back to my hometown for the weekend. My parents decided to rent an apartment for me to stay at during college when I returned to NYC for school. When i got into town I called Robin. She only had one question, "When could you come over and hang out with me?

About twenty minutes later I pulled into her driveway. She was waiting for me on the front porch of her parents' brownstone in Bed Stuy Brooklyn. Before I got a "hello" out of my mouth she sprinted over to my truck and leaped into my arms, nearly knocking me to the ground. She told me she missed me more than i could ever imagine. I told her, "Well can we at least go inside, I'm starving..." once inside she threw a frozen pizza in the oven and told me it would be about ten minutes.
Well, twenty minutes and an entire pizza later i told her,"Thanks, I'm stuffed." So we moved to the living room and she flipped on the TV and started flipping around. She handed me the remote and told me she was gonna go jump in the shower and change and I could just find something on to watch. Well about forty five minutes later, she walked back down the stairs from her room to the living room. She had changed into her short denim skirt (a personal favorite of mine) and a small white tank top.
She strutted over to the couch and sat on my lap. She told me once again how much she missed me. I told her I missed her just as much. She leaned over my shoulder and wispered in my ear, "Friends with benefits?" She snickered as she saw the grin creep across my face. She told me that her parents were home, so we needed to find another place to "hang out." Well she ran down the hall to her parents room and told them we were heading out to a movie and she was staying at her friend, Britney's house.
As I walked her out to my truck I walked around and opened her door and helped her in (an old habit from dating her so long). However i noticed something was different this time. As she climbed form the side step of my cab into the seat, I caught a glimpse of the bottom of her ass, up her skirt. As i cranked the truck she called her friend Brittany and told her to cover for her and make sure her parents thought she was staying with her.
As we pulled up to my apartment complex Robin pulled up the middle armrest in my truck, slid over and whispered in my ear, "I know you love this skirt...and oh yeah, I'm not wearing any underwear." She must have known how crazy this drove me because she giggled. I turned to face her as I turned off my truck. For the first time in months I kissed her. I thought to myself,"Man i missed her!"
AS we ran up the stairs to my apartment on the second floor i caught another glimpse up her skirt, and she wasn't lying. She was panty-free.
As we entered my apartment, i turned to lock the door and as i turned back around she pinned me against the door. She smoothly, passionately french kissed me. In a common move of mine i slid my hands down her back to her ass. I then proceeded to lift her up as she wrapped her legs around my torso, continuing to make out with me.
I carried her like this back to my bedroom. She pulled away from me mouth and kissed down my neck and back up and laid one final kiss on my cheek and looked me in the eyes and said, "I want you to make love to me." although we dated for three years, she was a still virgin. Over the three years we had fooled around, including me sucking her tits quite oftenly.
I laid her on her back on the bed and pulled my shirt over my head as she sat up and pulled hers off as well. She laid back as i eased down onto the bed next to her. I slid my hand down her shoulder over her bra and stomach and brought it to rest on her inner thigh. She placed hers on top of it and slid it up her skirt. I moved my hand around to the back and squeezed her bare ass. She slwoly unzipped her skirt and slid it down and threw it off the bed. I manuvered up her back and unhooked her bra, revealing her beautiful 34D tits. During our sessions of fooling around i had eaten her out before, but this time she obviously wanted more. She told me, "I'm already wet, i just want you so bad right now". She rolled on top of me and un buttoned and unzipped my pants. She rolled off just long enough for me to shed my jeans.
She slid down and took my 10 inch cock in her hand and slowly licked up and down the side of my shaft. She proceeded to work the head of my member. She began bobbing her head up and down along my cock faster and faster. As she worked my dick with her mouth and left hand she fondled my balls with her right.
About five or ten minutes later i asked her, "Do you want me inside you now?"
All she could do was grin as she moved to the edge of the bed, where i then slid between her legs and told her i loved her as she took my shaft in her hand and guided me into her tight, virgin pussy. I couldn't believe how amazing her tight warm pussy felt around me.
I slid my hand up her stomach to her breast and fondled her nipple as i began pumping slowly. She began rotating her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. A few minutes later, she told me, "Okay its all your's..." I looked into her eyes and all my fellings for her strongly resurfaced. I began speeding up my pumps. Her moans grew more and more intense. She bit her lip and squeezed her tits, playing with her nipples. She looked up and said, "My turn..." as she grabbed my hips and rolled over, putting herself on top. Although my thrusts paused momentarily she let out a deep, laud, sensual moan. She brushed her brown hair back around her shoulders, giving me a perfect view of her amzing chest.

She began lifting herself up and down, pumping my cock in and out of her tight twat. Just then she stopped lifting and just grinded her hips back and forth. Well i felt climax draw near, so i told Robin, "I about to cum, where do you want it. She rolled off of me and said, "All over my tits..." i stradled her torso and she reached up and began pumping my cock with both hands. Moments later i felt my head swell in her hand and i unleashed my load all over her beautiful tits. As i finished cumming she leaned up and slowly licked the remaining cum from the head of my member and wiped the cum off of her chest and licked it off her fingers.
As she walked out of the room she hollered, "I'm gonna jump in the shower."
I threw on a pair of gym shorts as i heard the shower come to life. I brought her a clean towel from my laundry room and she giggled as she noticed me staring at her bare ass as she bathed. She looked over her shoulder and said sensually, "I have a surprise for you." I walked out into the living room and plopped onto the couch. She came waltzing down the hall in her towel. She was carrying her purse though. I could tell she had planned on this being a special night as she pulled some lube out and tossed it onto the couch next to me and said, "so you like my ass huh?"
She dropped the towel and walked around in front of me and said, "Bend me over big boy." I stood up as my erection reemerged. She opened the lube and applied it to my throbbing dick. She walked over to the recliner and said,"I'm ready," as she bent over.
I walked over and grabbed two handfuls of her amazing behind. Then i spread her cheeks and slowly drove my cock into her ass. She moaned in pleasure. I pumped slowly in and out of her tight ass. She moaned faster and faster. She told me i could go harder. I thrusted harder and harder and she kept moaning. I leaned forward as i pumped and cupped her breasts and said,"You want me to fuck you as hard as I can?" She moaned deeply, "Oh yes, oh yes..."
I kissed her on the shoulder and went to work. I pounded her hot ass as hard and as fast as i could, as she fingered her pussy. Her moaning grew very intense. She climaxed and her body shuddered. She looked over her shoulder and told me, "I'll finish you off baby."
She turned around and got to her knees. Again she gave me head, this time with more intensity. She bobbed her head up and down my dick furiously. This time she began deepthroating me. She took only 8 inches down and loved every second of it. I felt another climax approaching, and i informed her. She responded with a simple, "MMM-Hmm" with my dick in her mouth. I felt my member swell again and Robin deep throated me again. I released my load down her throat. She didn't even gag. "What an amazing girl..." i thought to myself.
Shw swallowed all of my cum and stood up with her smile beaming. I reached around her and picked her up by the ass again. I carried her down the hall and we fell onto the bed in one another's arms.
I awoke with her still in my arms. She woke shortly after i did. She leaned closer and i kissed her long and passionately. She smiled and said once again,
"Friends with benefits..."


Sex Stories Ko (Last Part)

habang patungo sa kama ay unti-unti nilang tinatanggal ang mga damit sa katawan, at pagdating sa kama, agad na bumaba ang bibig ni Bernard at dinilaan ang puke ni Mae.

"Hoohhhhh.. Uhhhmmmm...." ungol ni Mae. Naging malikot ang dila ni Bernard. Nandoon na ipasok sa biyak ni Mae ang dila nito at halukayin ang loob nito, pagkatapos ay sisipsipin nito ang clitoris ni Mae at ipapasok ang dalawang daliri sa

butas nito at hahalukayin. Napapahawak sa buhok ni Bernard si Mae sa pagkasabik.

Ang tagal na nga naman niyang hindi nararanasan ito hindi na nila nagagawa ng asawa niya.

Hindi nagtagal, umangat si Bernard at si Mae naman ang nagtrabaho. Dinilaan muna nito ang ulo ng titi ni Bernard. Umungol si Bernard. Ang sarap kasi ng pakiramdam ng dila ni Mae na dinidilaan ang titi ni Bernard. Maya-maya, sinubo na ni Mae ng buong-buo ang titi ni Bernard. Damang dama ni Bernard ang init ng hininga ni Mae. Grabe kung sumipsip si Mae parang walang bukas Makailang-beses na kailangang pigilan siya ni Bernard para hindi ito labasan agad.

After a while, dumating na ang pinakahihintay nilang dalawa. Pumosisyon na si Bernard sa ibabaw ni Mae at itinutok ang titi nito sa puke. Bago siya umulos bumulong siya kay Mae “ Mich ahhhh sarap mahal na mahal kita!”. Ngumiti si Mae pagkatapos ay bumukaka pa ng husto hanggang sa baon na baon ang titi ni Bernard sa puke nito. Naglabas-pasok si Bernard sa kanya. Damang dama ni Mae ang matigas na titi ni Bernard na bumabangga sa mga sensitive na laman niya sa loob.”ahhh ang saraappp!ohhh. Oh diyos ko ang sarap..." ungol ni Mae sa tenga ni Bernard. Nalibugan naman si Bernard sa narinig kaya't lalo nitong pinagbuti ang pagkantot kay Mae. Yumakap ng mahigpit si Mae sa kanya. Basang basa ang puke niya at tumutulo pa palabas ang fluids niya sa bawat ulos ni Bernard. :sige pa ahhh. Sipsipin mo ang suso ko habang kinakantot mo akohhhh..." ungol ni Mae. Agad na sumunod si Bernard at hinagilap ang suso ni Mae, dinalaan ito at sinipsip ang mga utong “ ahh ganyan nga “ ungol ni Mae at kinapit ang dalawang binti sa balakang ni Bernard."Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" ungol ni Bernard pasok na pasok ang titi niya hanggang sa sinapunpunan ni Mae sobrang baon na baon ang pagkantot niya na parang walang bukas na.Any moment, hindi na niya mapipigilan ang pagputok." I'm cumming.. I'm cumming..." ungol ni Bernard. Bumaba ang dalawang binti ni Mae sinalubong niya ng halik si Bernard. Hindi na kaya ni Bernard na pigilan ang pagsabog kaya't parang dinamita itong pumutok sa loob ni Mae. “Mae ahhhhhhh!!!!!” ungol ni Bernard at bumaha ang tamod niya sa loob ni Mae. Nagyakapan ang dalawa “ Mae, I love you” sabi ni Bernard “ I love you too” sagot ni Mae ‘ pero paano natin saabihin ang lahat sa asawa mo? Natatakot ako” sabi ni Mae. “akong bahala basta ang promise ko lang bago matapos ang linggong ito ay magiging Mrs. Cruz ka na. Mae, will you marry me?” tanong ni Bernard. Kahit na nakahubad ay lumuhod ito sa harapan ni Mae at ipinakita ang diamond ring. “ Yes! Yes! I will marry you” sagot ni Mae at nagyakapan ang dalawa at naghalikan ulit.


Loosing my Virginity

I was 18 when I had my first sexual intercourse with someone. Though I knew about sex from my friends, I had never got a chance to do it. I was all excited about doing it, but I never had a chance. And then my friend Lucy came to me one day. Lucy was from an ordinary middle class family, who used to study in my class. We became friends a year before. She always had enough money with her. I never asked her where she gets all those money from, but she

used to spend on things like crazy. My family never used to give me money like that. When I used to go with her for shopping, I always used to wonder where she is getting all these money from. She used to wear all sexy dresses and it matched her body structure. Though she was 16; she looked 18 and was huge. When we used to walk on the road, even college guys used to look at her. She was a charming beauty. Her boobs always bulged out of her tight dress. She used to discuss sex with me. I got amazed to know that she does sex with people. I never believed her until that day when she came to me with a proposal.
She told me about someone who pays her well for doing some small things that he wanted her to do. She asked me whether I am interested to join them. She said that I could make a lot of money simply doing simple things. I wanted to know more about the deal. She said that it was modeling that she is talking about in which I had to pose for some pictures. I really got excited with her talks. But I knew I was not busty like my friend, but I was cuter than Lucy. I had a ‘just above average’ frame compared to my friend. But Lucy told me that it won’t be a problem as long as my beauty is concerned.
So, one day I went to meet Mr. Steve who according to Lucy was the coordinator of the modeling program. Steve was a nice, cool chap, about 26 years old. He was a very charming guy and any girl would love him at first sight. He was clean shaved with a good physique and was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a cap. He looked stunning. Lucy told him that I am interested in modeling. He called me inside another room. I sat there with him alone. He asked me some general questions. He seemed interested in me. When he said that I am beautiful, I couldn’t stop blushing.
The next day Lucy said that he is interested and he has called me in for a shooting session. I went the next day evening after my classes with Lucy to his studio. Lucy went inside the dressing room to get ready. In the mean time, Steve talked to me. But I got really shocked when I saw Lucy coming out totally nude. I could speak nothing. I stood there blunt. She said she was ready for the shooting. Steve called his camera man from another room. They took a lot of her nude pictures. To my further astonishment, Steve also got undressed. OOOhhh… he had a huge cock. They posed for many pics. They clicked some pics of them having sexual intercourse also. I didn’t know how she could do that. I felt so ashamed and I went out of the room and sat there.
When the shooting session was over, Steve gave Lucy a bundle of $100. I was shocked to see that much money together. I thought about the deal again and again that night. But the money was such a motivating factor, I agreed to do it. That was a turning point in my life.
The next week I was called in for a shooting session. Steve took care in taking my dress off. I felt embarrassed. He took my clothes so delicately, as if it may hurt me if he is rough. They clicked my pictures in bikinis, under wears, topless and totally nude. This was getting exciting. I loved this. That day we clicked about a 100 pictures. All solo pictures. He didn’t even touch me. I was given a bundle of $100 bills. I counted it and it was $1000. I was really shocked.
The next week when I got his call, I was totally excited. After the class, I ran to his studio. Again he undressed me and this time he also got undressed. Though I felt a bit awkward, I got in swing in no time. We started the photo session. We took pictures of me holding Steve’s huge cock, kissing it and putting it in my mouth. I was getting more and more excited. The shooting went good. But by the time it was over, I was so horny and wet. Steve realized what I wanted and called the cameraman again. He setup his cameras again. Lights were on. He kissed me on my lips. I closed my eyes. I forgot that I am in front of the camera. He sucked my lower lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I was enjoying this. He hugged me tightly and I was laying on him. In between the passionate kiss, I don’t know when he started to fondle my tits. I came to know that he is playing with my small tits only when he withdrew from the smooch. He raised my body and sucked my boobs. OOOhhh; that was a wonderful moment. I wished that moment to last for ever.
I was dripping wet by then. He laid me on the bed and started to suck my pussy. That was the first time a person other than me touching my pussy. I loved it a lot. He sucked it hard and his tongue intruded into my holes and he drank my juiced hungrily. I was reaching orgasm, and then he stopped what he was doing. Oh, that was a moment of desperation. He smooched me again and again. And then I felt his finger intruding my virgin pussy. He stuck his middle finger fully inside me and started fucking me with his finger. After some time, he put one more and then one more. I was comfortable till then. The fourth finger tightened my pussy a bit. But I was enjoying it.
I had totally forgotten that 5 video cameras and a still camera are around me imaging each and every second and moves into the films. I didn’t care about anything then. I was in a mood of nirvana. Now it was time for Steve for his move. He picked me up and made me sit right on top of his huge cock, in such a way that his cock he is pointing directly to my pussy opening. He, holding both sides of my hips, slowly showed me onto his cock. His cock head came out of its covering skin and parted my pussy lips. Slowly it thrust into my hole. It was stretching my pussy hole now. With great difficulty and a very slow pace, Steve’s cock head entered my virgin pussy. I didn’t cry though my pussy skins were stretched. May be Steve didn’t like me not crying. In one shot, he pulled me onto his cock and before me realizing anything; his cock was fully immersed in my pussy. I should feel it touching the ends of my little hole. And it stretched my pussy over the extents. I could not control my cry this time. I screamed loudly. But the soundproof walls of Steve’s studio didn’t let my cries escape out of the room. Before I could realize the situation and what was happening, Steve had started pumping into me. I could do nothing. My small but round boobs were bouncing in rhythm. I supported myself on his thighs. After some time, he stopped pumping. He took his cock out of my cunt. I could feel a relaxation in my pussy. He made me stand like a dog and inserted his dick from my behind. That was the first doggy style I was having. He pumped and pumped with no mercy. I cried, but there was nobody to hear my cries.
He tried different poses with me. When I was a bit relaxed from the tightness, I started enjoying the show. I reached orgasm after some time. My muscles all stretched and I had a beautiful orgasm. But Steve was still on. He continued. At last, after so much of pumping, he increased his speed. I knew that he is gonna come in some time. Then suddenly he took his cock out of my pussy and came and stood near my mouth. He asked me to open my mouth and he started jerking his huge cock in from of my mouth. In some seconds, he threw his sperms right inside my mouth. His sperms were shot one after the other. It filled my mouth and started overflowing onto my naked body. It fell on my boobs and stomach. Some shot on my eyelids and some in my nose. Close up cameras were covering it very minutely and clearly. When he ejected his sperms fully, he squeezed his cock and took the last drop out and then he thrust his cock again into my mouth. When it was thrust in, the sperms in my mouth went deep inside my throat. And I had to swallow it. The salty sweet taste filled me with excitement. I sucked the last drop left inside his cock out. He loved it and said he liked me than anybody he has ever fucked.

That time I was given a sum of $20,000. Steve helped me start an account and deposited my cash in my account and gave me a debit card. Today, I live like a queen among my friends. Money is not a problem for me. I don’t know how many people I have spent my nights with. In the night, I used to get out of a ladder kept near my window to go out and earn some extra money. Steve every time used to get some aspiring guys for me. Wow, it was all so exciting. I have spent time with people from boys to old people who were in their late 60s and even with girls. There are very few things in sex that I have not tried till now. I don’t find any difference as long as it is pleasing to me. I will tell you my other adventures later in my other stories. Expect it soon. Please rank my story good, so that it will motivate me to write my other adventured also.


Best Friends

Susan and Heather had been best friends
since the first day of high school. Four years later
they crammed for finals as they had always done,
late night study sessions that found one or the other
sharing the same bed as it became too late to head
home. A water main break at the school had given
them an unexpected day off and both were more
than happy to sleep in as everyone else in Heather's
family left for

their respective schools and jobs.

Heather woke up first. She lightly rubbed
her eyes as she watched her friend sleep. Susan's
nightshirt had crept above her waist and as she lay
still, Heather fixed her eyes on the cotton print
panties that Susan was wearing. They seemed to be
a little tight and she could clearly make out the
outline of her friends crotch. She wasn't sure why
she was getting a strange feeling looking at another
girl. It was the same feeling she got just before she
played with herself.

As she looked at Susan, she placed a hand in
her own panties and started to massage her little
bud. This had always brought her pleasure but this
would be the first time she had done it when she
wasn't alone. As she circled her clit with her finger,
she admired her friends body. Susan was very cute;
short red hair, bright green eyes. Heather wondered
if Susan ever played with herself like she was doing
now. They had talked about lots of intimate things,
but never that.

Soon an overwhelming urge came upon Heather
to touch her friend on that special spot. Even though
she didn't know how Susan would react, she felt
compelled to take the chance. Pretending to be asleep
so she could claim it wasn't intentional, Heather
allowed her hand to come to rest on the mattress next
to Susan's crotch. After it had been there a minute
without any adverse consequences, she allowed it to
brush against her cotton panties. Little by little
she became braver, sure that Susan wouldn't wake up
screaming or worse.

Susan had lay awake, one eyes barely opened,
concealed by her hair. She watched as Heather with
her hand in her panties had played with herself. She
was relieved to know that she wasn't the only girl
that did that, maybe it wasn't so bad after all. She
found herself wishing Heather had actually lowered
her pajamas before doing it so that she could've had
a better view of what she was doing.

When Heather had suddenly stopped
masturbating, Susan was afraid that maybe she had
sensed that she was awake and Susan had closed her
eyes tightly. But when she felt Heather's hand make
contact between her legs, she knew that hadn't been
the case. A little shiver of excitement trickled
through Susan's body as that first touch was felt.
That was the first time anyone had ever touched her
there. She wasn't expecting it from another girl, but
right now that really didn't matter. She was excited
from watching Heather and that overcame any sense
of wrong doing. Besides, she could just lay there
and pretend to be asleep and see what happened.

Heather's touch was very light and casual in
the beginning. But as time went on and Susan didn't
awaken and protest, her touch got more aggressive
and deliberate. She had already caused a wet spot
to appear on Susan's panties and now she was so
excited that she didn't care if Susan now woke up.
Bravely, with one hand she lifted up the waistband
of Susan's panties and held them up while she slid
the other hand beneath them. She brushed her hand
over the soft, tiny patch of sprouting pubic hair and
found her friends moist hole with one finger. After
slightly inserting it, she commenced a circular
motion around the girl's clit with her thumb.

Susan was sure she couldn't pretend to be
asleep much longer. The tingles of electricity that
she had felt now turned to bolts of electricity as
Heather's finger toyed at the entrance to her cunt.
Slowly, instinctively, she began to rotate her hips in
a circular motion in response to Heather's continuing
massage of her clit. Sensing that her pretending to
be asleep now served no purpose except to diminish
her enjoyment of this new experience, Susan opened
her eyes, smiled at Heather and said softly,
"Umm...that really feels good."

"I'm glad you like it. I wasn't sure you
would. I don't know why I started doing it, but I
just wanted to."

Susan responded by pulling her panties off
and spreading her legs apart to give Heather more
freedom between her legs and a sort of unspoken
permission to proceed. Heather buried a finger in
Susan's cunt-lips and started pumping in and out.

Susan, discarding her charade of being a
passive participant, reached inside Heather's pajama
bottoms. Heather wasn't wearing panties. She
found the moist slit with her finger and commenced
giving Heather the same type of pleasure that she'd
been receiving.

"The only thing that would make this better
is if we had a boy here with us," said Susan.

"Like really." Heather replied. "Except the
boys I know would blab all over school. Or you
could wind up like Mary Johnson...pregnant!"

" ever done it with a boy?"
Susan asked.

"No. Almost did but my mom came home
early and messed everything up. Have you?

"No, but there are times when I really want
to. I just want to know what it feels like...I mean
you're making me feel better than anything I've ever
done so far." replied Susan.

Suddenly Heather stopped. "You wait right
here. Don't move," She ordered as she jumped up
from the bed, went to the dresser and reached way
behind a drawer. Carrying something white and
folded into the bathroom, she told Susan she'd be
right back.

Five minutes seemed like an eternity for
Susan until the bathroom door opened and Susan
received the second biggest surprise of the morning.

Heather had slicked back her already short
brown hair, parted it on the side and had it combed
in a boy's style. She was wearing a t shirt and a pair
of boy's jockey shorts. Her big brown eyes gave
here the look of a young boy that could've been her
twin. Sensing the question on her friend's face,
Heather explained. " These used to be my brothers.
I rescued them before Mom threw them out.
Sometimes I sleep in them , it turns me on."

"Wow!" Susan exclaimed as she looked at
her friend in amazement. If she hadn't known better,
she would swear she was looking at a young boy in
his underwear. She felt her cunt really start to itch
as she admired her friend's ingenuity.

"And thats not all." Heather said as she
pulled her jockey shorts down in the front and
revealed about five inches of a double-headed dildo
protruding from her cunt lips, the other half buried
deeply in her hole. "I never thought I'd get to use
both sides of this at once, but if you're as hot as I
am, we both need to do it now!"

As she walked over to the bed, holding the
thing to keep it from shooting out between her legs,
Susan reached out to touch it and examine the
device. It was made of a soft, and slightly rigid
vinyl. The head was just like the drawings she had
seen in her sex-ed book, and she could imagine that
it was probably pretty close to the real thing in size
and shape.

"Where did you ever get that?" Susan asked.

"That you'll never believe?" Heather said.
"Do you remember when my Aunt Amanda passed
away last summer and I had to go clean out her
apartment. Well, I found this in her stuff, buried in
the back of her closest."

A mental image of Heather's Aunt passed
though Susan's mind. Amanda had been 52 with the
body of a much younger woman. To Susan's
surprise, the image she formed was naked with the
dildo hanging as it now hung from Heather.

"I guess if we can't have a boy, this is the
next best thing." Heather said, bringing Susan's
attention fully back to her.

Susan was a little apprehensive about
allowing the thing up her cunt. She had put things
up there before, but she had always been in control.
But her fear subsided as her friend reassured her,
"It's okay. You'll feel great when its inside you."

With that, Heather removed the dildo from
inside her and turned it around, placing the head that
had been in her cunt, now slippery wet, over the
opening to her friends hole. The lubricant on the
head of the plastic dick caused it to pop in with a
minimum of resistance. Susan lay on her back with
her legs spread obscenely, her knees resting against
the bidding little mounds on her chest as Heather
worked the cock in and out of her to get he adjusted
to it. When she felt that it was properly in and not
going to be painful for Susan, she positioned herself
between Susan's spread legs. Once again she pulled
down the front of the jockey shorts she was wearing
and expertly inserted the other half of the dildo in
her own cunt.

Slightly she pumped her hips, allowing the
dick to sink first into her hole and then Susan's.
Susan was still spread with her hands behind her
knees, holding herself open, afraid to resist in the
least. Soon both girls were pumping their hips in
opposite rhythms until the cock was completely
swallowed between their two cunts. Their pussies
were rubbing together as Heather humped Susan,
continuing the role of the boy. Susan, now engulfed
in lustful abandon, wrapped her legs tightly around
Heather, digging her heels into her friends pumping

"Fuck me!" Susan cried to her "boy/girl"
lover,"Bury that cock of yours in me all the way!"

As Heather pumped and her cunt tightened,
Susan moaned. Heather pushed the slippery dildo
all the way into Susan's cunt. As Susan pumped
back, Heather could feel the thing thrust against the
back of her own hole. The girls had the dick so
deeply buried into them selves that their clits were
rubbing together and it didn't take long until both
girls shuddered into estacy, juices flowing from
their cunts and down the crack of Susan's ass.

The girls collapsed in exhaustion, the
slippery toy now glistening as it lay cast aside on the
bed. They kissed each other passionately, feeling the
kind of devotion that only one young girl can feel
for another, having traded their youthful innocence
for passion.


Anything Goes

During the early years and during her teenage years a
girl becomes aware of her charms and she uses them to
get what she wants.

My name is Faye, I'm 17, and I love to take as much
cock and cum as I can – from anyone or anything! I'm
totally addicted to sex with both sexes, and actively
seek out any spurting cock or drooling cunt that I can
find! Fortunately, I'm very good looking, and have been
blessed with the type of body that a helluva lot of men
go for – petite and firm-breasted, with beautifully
large and erect nipples and a tight cunt that'll
stretch to accommodate almost any length or thickness
of cock that's fucked into it – usually a man's, but
quite often my horny dog's as well!

I'm 5ft 8in tall, 120lbs, 36c-23-36 figure, shoulder-
length brown hair, blue eyes.

And because I'm so slim, I'm really supple, and can
fold myself double to either suck my own clitty, or
suck someone's cum from my own cunt – something I
frequently do as an encore after a good fucking with a
heavy cummer, or when I'm at home on my own and using a
dildo on myself after making myself come!

As far as my sexual history goes, I first remember
sucking on a spurting cock and gulping down the massive
load of cum at the ripe old age of five – my dad's!

Mum died when I was five, and I remember walking into
dad's bedroom one evening several months later, and
catching him lying on his bed and wanking his rigid

It seemed so natural for me to ask if I could stay and
watch him, and having got his permission, I climbed on
the bed and knelt alongside him.

He told me that after a hard day at work, it made him
feel really good to lie back and do it, and so I
innocently asked if I could do it for him instead? I
readily agreed, and I remember taking hold of his cock
and sliding my fist up and down his shaft as he'd been
doing a few minutes earlier. He then told me that I
could lean over and suck it if I wanted to, to make him
feel even better when he came. I didn't understand what
he meant by 'when he came' and asked him to explain.

He then told me that a load of sticky white stuff would
shoot out of the end of his cock when he was getting
the most pleasure from doing it, and that he'd always
really enjoyed it when mum had leant forward and sucked
his cock for him at that moment!

I asked what happened to the sticky white stuff when it
shot out of the end, and he said mum usually swallowed
it for him!

So when I then asked if he wanted me to do as mum had
done for him, he readily agreed, and I bent over his
knob-end and slid my lips around it for him. A few
seconds later I was gulping down my very first load of
cum – the first of thousands!

One thing led to another, and about a year later I was
having my first ever fuck!

That led to me getting many more cocks, and my
introduction to another woman's cunt and several other
sexual deviations by one of my dad's many girlfriends.

From then on I satisfied my newfound sexual interests
any way I could, and became very sexually active – even
though I was still only about eight or nine!

Looking back, I guess my sex-life can roughly be split
into two ages – from 5 to about 14, and from 14 to the
present day – so I'll deal with each one in turn, and
relate just some of the things that happened to me
during those times.

Like I explained before, it all started when I was five
years old and sucked off my dad for the first time. I
feel that I must state here and now, that from the very
first time anything ever happened, dad never forced me
to do anything sexual with him, and everything I've
done since, has been because I've wanted to do it.

After sucking him off for that first time, it became a
regular thing for me and dad to share some good times
together. I often saw him nude in the shower and around
the house, and found myself being really turned-on at
seeing his exposed cock!

It excited me greatly to see his cock slowly swelling
and pumping up to full hardness as I either wanked him
or clamped my lips round that beautiful knob-end of

From the age of about 6 we frequently showered
together, and it became a common event for me to suck
him off in the shower or on the bed afterwards – me
eagerly swallowing my dad's cum whilst rubbing between
my legs to get a wonderful tickling feeling deep
inside! At that age I obviously wasn't aware that these
tickling feelings were the first signs of me
experiencing a mini-orgasm – my first full-blown and
proper orgasm happening shortly after I accidentally
took my own virginity!

When dad was busy or having a nap, I'd lie on my bed
and play between my legs to get that tickling feeling –
probing ever deeper with my finger into my virgin gash!

It was perfectly natural therefore, that I found other
things to use when playing with myself, such as the
handle of my hairbrush, a long carrot from the larder –
or any phallic-shaped vegetable that I could lay my
hands on and push into my puffy pink crack whilst
flicking what I now know, was my underdeveloped

Every day I became a little bolder – pushing some
veggie ever harder into myself and bearing down on it
like I'd seen adult women doing on rigid cocks and
dildos, in the blue videos I'd watched many an evening
when sucking dad's erect cock for him.

Then one day I pushed a little too hard, and suddenly
felt the courgette (zucchini) I was using, slide all
the way into my itching and tickling cunt! There was
only a brief twinge of pain that was over before it'd
begun, and no blood at all as I pulled the phallic-
shaped veggie out of my cunt to inspect myself for any
signs of damage.

I remember that I was a little tender the following day
as I once more used that same veggie on myself, but was
really surprised when it slid as far as it did inside
me, so's half of it remained sticking out of me!

Once again there was no pain – just a mild ache as I
looked down between my widely splayed thighs to see the
highly erotic sight of this thick, green, vegetable
lewdly jutting out of my cunt – my cunt-lips stretching
tightly around it and a deep feeling of what I now know
to be lust, rapidly building up deep inside my flat

The rapidly increasing feeling became so intense, I had
to lie back and strum my fingers over my clitty, and
soon felt the feeling becoming almost unbearable as my
head began to swim!

Suddenly, I was totally overcome by the most
beautifully warm and satisfying feeling I'd ever felt
in my life, as it swiftly spread through my lower
belly, down my now trembling legs, deep inside my
convulsing cunt, and up through my chest – the feeling
flowing in increasingly powerful waves until it finally
burst magnificently, both in my mind and body so's I
repeatedly felt myself tensing and relaxing as the
violent waves literally smashed through my immature

At the age of 6, I'd just had my first ever orgasm!

I couldn't wait to tell my dad what'd happened, and
proudly explained everything to him that night as I
cuddled on his lap – me feeling his cock rapidly
stiffening beneath me before I got down off his lap,
unzipped his jeans, and took out his rigid cock!

"And you say the courgette slid all the way inside
you?" he asked as I stood between his outstretched legs
and slowly wanked his erect cock for him.

"Yes daddy!" I replied proudly, my hand sliding up and
down his rigid shaft, "All the way so's there was just
a little bit left sticking outside of me! And then I
played with myself and felt the most wonderful feeling
deep inside myself! It was beautiful!"

"Oh, well done, Faye!" he smiled broadly as I dropped
my head and curled my lips round his purple knob-end,
"Well done!"

I remember that I sucked dad off three times that
evening – with me lying on my back to show him how I
could shove the courgette deep inside my newly
deflowered cunt!

A few nights later I was idly wanking dad as we both
watched a blue video on the television. As the woman on
the screen climbed on top of the guy's cock and started
raising herself up and down on it, I got that now
familiar tickling between my legs which grew in
intensity as the woman moaned loudly and bounced up and

"Daddy?" I said, "Could we do that?"

"What?" he asked, "You sit on my cock like she's doing
with that guy?"

"Yeah!" I grinned, "I'd love to know how it feels to do
that with you! You know I push things up inside myself
and really like doing it – so why not your cock?"

"Are you really sure, Faye?" he asked, "You'd really
like me to put my cock inside you and then spurt my cum
inside your cunt?"

"Mmmm, yes please!" I smiled, "Please daddy! Go on,
let's do it!"

He thought for a moment or two, and so I thought I'd
help him decide by sucking his knob-end into my mouth
whilst wanking him!

"Okay!" he said finally, "But you can stop and climb
off whenever you want – okay?"

Oh, thanks daddy!" I grinned excitedly, "I will if I
find that I don't like it!"

"Right! But first, get that blue and white tube out of
the drawer – we'd better make you nice and slippery
so's I can slide inside you without hurting you!"

I dutifully went and got the tube as dad had told me,
and pulled my knickers down before he liberally spread
some of the cold gel around and inside my cunt for me.

A moment later I was lifting up my dress as I knelt
astride him, and positioned my cunt directly over his
rigid cock – my knickers now a crumpled heap on the

Ever so slowly, I lowered myself down until I felt
dad's knob-end pushing up hard against the entrance to
my cunt! Dad then moved his rigid cock back and forth
along my gash to coat his knob-end in the cold gel,
then held his cock still for me to sink onto! As I
slowly lowered myself down, I felt his knob-end slowly
parting my gash, and then felt it stretching my cunt-
lips more and more, until it suddenly disappeared and
slipped inside me!

"Ohhh!" I gasped in surprise!

"What's up... is it hurting?" dad asked anxiously and
with some alarm.

"No... no!" I reassured him, "It just took me by
surprise, that's all!"

His knob-end felt seemingly huge as it nestled there,
wedged inside my cunt, and I could feel myself
stretching to accommodate its massive bulk! So I waited
a few moments until the uncomfortable sensation
stopped, before slowly lowering myself even lower – my
newly-deflowered cunt slowly dilating to accept this
massive hunk of cock that was being forced into it for
the very first time!

Finally, I felt his knob-end butting up against the
back of my cunt and looked down between my splayed
thighs to see I'd only managed to take less than half
of its length inside me! "What must it feel like to
have a whole cock stuffed deep inside me?" I remember
thinking, "I guess that'll come as I grow a bit older!"

"Christ, look at that!" dad gasped as he looked at the
way my cunt-lips were stretched around his thick shaft,
"I wouldn't have thought you could've taken so much,
the first time, Faye! Well done, girl! Bloody well

I felt a mixture of extreme lust and pride with what
I'd just achieved, at last I'd a cock stuffed deep
inside my yearning cunt – at long last!

"I want you to turn me over and let me lie down on the
seat so's you can fuck me properly, daddy!" I told him,
"Like a man really fucks a woman!"

"Okay my darling!" he said, "Hold on!"

He wrapped his arms around me and slowly stood up – me
now totally impaled on his rigid cock as he gently
lowered me down onto the cushion.

"There!" he smiled, "Is that okay for you, Faye?"

"Oh yes, daddy!" I grinned, "That's perfect!"

Ever so slowly and little by little, my dad slid his
thick cock in and out of my tight cunt – that
uncomfortable feeling totally disappearing as he slid
in and out of me!

"Oooo, that's really nice, daddy!" I cooed as he sped
up a little and I felt that familiar tickling feeling
returning deep inside my guts, "Will you spurt your cum
into me like when you fuck a real woman, daddy?"

"I am fucking a real woman, Faye!" he breathed as he
gently slid in and out of my clasping young cunt, "A
very young one – but a very real one, for all that!"

The delicious feeling in my guts rapidly grew stronger
as dad fucked his cock into me, and I knew deep inside
that even though this was only my first time, I was
already an addict to cock, and that I'd want as much
cock as possible from now on!

As I laid back and revelled in the glorious thoughts
running through my head and the feelings running
through my body, dad suddenly gasped that he was near
to coming!

His cock and knob-end seemed to grow larger and much
thicker inside me, and my cunt gripped him tightly as
he thrust harder and faster into me!

All of a sudden he gasped that he was coming, and I
felt his cock throb powerfully before a thick wad of
his cum spurted into me! He moaned softly in time with
each spurt of cum he shot deep inside me, and I held
tightly onto him – pulling him into me as I craved more
and more of his cock inside me!

"That's it daddy, spurt your cum deep inside me!" I
whispered to him as his whole body shook rhythmically
with the power of his orgasm, "Spurt it all inside me!"

He slowed to a stop and fought for breath, his cock
quickly shrinking so's some of his cum leaked from me
and ran down the crack of my ass!

"Well...!" he gasped breathlessly, "What d'you think of
being fucked for the first time by your dad? Did you
like it?"

"Oh yes daddy!" I gasped enthusiastically, "It was
really wonderful! I can't wait until I grow big enough
for you to get all of your cock inside me!"

"Well I guess I'll just have to fuck you every day, to
stretch that cute little cunt of yours until I can get
it all inside you!" he grinned, "How does that sound to

"Mmmm, nice – very nice indeed!" I grinned.

He fucked me twice more that evening before admitting
that he couldn't get hard enough for another go at me –
even though I sucked him for quite a long while!

"I think you're gonna have to get someone to give you a
hand!" I joked as he laid back with his limp cock
between his thighs, "Or start buying lots more

"Hmmm!" was all he replied, somewhat thoughtfully.

From that evening on, we fucked at every opportunity –
either at home, or more daringly, whilst out driving in
the car! It was very unusual for me not to be bobbing
my head up and down on dad's cock as he drove along –
either that, or me riding on his cock when we were
parked up in a lay-by or car park, and we even fucked
naked in the woods and local park on many occasions –
once in the pouring rain!

It was as we laid back after a particularly satisfying
fuck one evening, that dad asked me something that I'd
been secretly hoping he would for a long time...

"Faye..." he started, "D'you remember a few months ago,
you joked about me maybe getting someone else to fuck
you, as well as me?"

"Yes, I do!" I replied.

"What... what would you say... if I said "Okay!" and
asked someone else?" he asked very cautiously, "Would
you like that?"

"Yes! I... think so!" I replied with my stomach full of
butterflies at the very thought of another cock to suck
and be fucked by, "If you thought it'd be alright and
didn't mind me having another cock, I guess it'd be

"It's just that I happened to mention the subject to
a... friend of mine on the internet, and he jumped at
the idea of coming round here one evening and fucking
you!" he continued warily, "He told me that if you
really liked the idea of being fucked by more men, he
knew of quite a few more guys that'd love to fuck you,
as well!"

I nearly had an orgasm on the spot! The thought of
"quite a few more guys" wanting to fuck me, really
turned me on, but I suppressed my enthusiasm so as not
to upset dad, by making him think his cock wasn't
enough for me.

"If you're happy with me being fucked by other men,
then so am I!" I replied, "But I'll only do that if
it's completely okay with you, daddy! I wouldn't want
to make you feel jealous or anything like that!"

"Oh no, it's alright by me!" he smiled, "I just didn't
want you to think I'd grown tired of fucking you or
anything – far from it, in fact! I'd love to watch you
being fucked by other men – it's only right that you
try many different cocks so's you'll learn more about
sex and come to enjoy it even more!"

"Hmmm, that makes sense!" I mused, "Okay... tell him
it's okay by me!"

"I'll phone him right now, and let him know!" dad
replied enthusiastically, "It'll most likely be just
with him to start with!"

I listened with my belly tickling again as dad phoned
the man up and told him I'd agreed for him to come
round and fuck me – dad telling me that the man was
coming round the following evening to see me – and fuck
me! Dad then laid me down and sucked hard on my cunt
before giving me a right good fucking!

The next day dragged like mad – the doorbell finally
ringing just after eight!

"Faye, this is the friend of mine that I told you about
– uncle Dave!" dad said to me as he ushered the man
into the lounge and sat down, "You said it'd be okay
for us all to have some 'special' fun together this

"Hello Faye!" the man smiled, "Your dad's told me all
about you, and what you both like doing together!"

"Hello uncle Dave!" I smiled, "I've been dying to meet

Dad then broke open some cans and over the next half
hour, told Dave all about what we liked doing together
– how I liked to suck a stiff cock as well as have one
spurting deep inside me, and that I was especially
looking forward to being fucked many more times in the

"You said Faye likes to have a cock spurting inside
her? Does that mean she likes being fucked bareback?"
Dave asked dad.

"Oh yes!! Dad replied, "In fact, we've never done it
with me wearing a rubber!"

"Mmmm, the guys will be thrilled to hear that!" Dave
grinned, "And you also like to swallow cum, Faye?"

"Oh yes uncle Dave! I love swallowing cum!" I beamed,
"As much as I can get!"

"So you'd like it if say... 5 or 6 men wanted to maybe
toss themselves off into your mouth – one after the
other or as soon as they each wanted to come?" he

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I'd love that, uncle Dave!" I grinned

"How would you like someone fucking you while another
man was coming in your mouth? Would that be okay as
well, Faye?" he probed further.

"I was hoping I'd find that out tonight!" I grinned.
His face lit up!

"Okay... just one more question, Faye! Would you be
willing to wear a basque and nylons or suspender-belt
set whilst being fucked by these men?" he asked.

"What's a basque?" I asked my dad.

"A bra and suspender-belt that's all-in-one!" he
replied, describing it with his hands.

"Oh, one of those!" I beamed, "Hmmm, I think I'd feel
really sexy if I was wearing some nylons and one of

"Well, that's the question part over with!" Dave told
dad, "Now comes the bit I like doing best! Shall we get
ourselves... ready?"

Dad responded by unzipping his jeans and sliding them
down his legs – quickly followed by Dave! Within a
minute they were both naked and lying back in their
chairs – both wanking their stiffening cocks to full

Dave's cock was much the same length as dad's, but not
as thick and with a smaller knob-end, so I knew I'd be
able to take it easily inside my still tight cunt.

"Can I suck uncle Dave's cock first, daddy?" I asked as
I stood between them.

"You can suck whoever you want, Faye!" dad smiled, "And
do whatever you want!"

I lifted my dress up and slowly slid my knickers down
my legs and stepped out of them as Dave watched
intently. Then I bent over his cock and slowly slid my
lips over his knob-end and down his shaft!

He gasped out loud as I drew back on it and took hold
of his shaft – slowly sliding his foreskin up and down
it's length as I started to suck and toss him off!

"Fucking hell, Bill!" Dave gasped as he looked across
at my slowly wanking dad, "You were right! She's
fucking dynamite!"

Fully aware that I was being tested, and that the
possibility of many more spurting cocks might be coming
my way if I did alright, I pulled off Dave's cock and
climbed onto the chair so's I could straddle him and
lower myself down onto it.

His face was a picture as I lowered myself down and
slowly sank onto his rigid cock, then raised myself up
again before repeating the move over and over again!

"Mmmm! You've a lovely cock uncle Dave!" I told him in
my sweetest voice, "Why don't you let yourself come and
spurt your cum deep inside me?"

A moment later he did just that as dad started to come
and quickly moved over to us to spurt his thick and
creamy cum into my open, waiting mouth – Dave being so
turned on by the sight, he immediately gripped my waist
and his cock jerked and spat it's sticky load into my
tight cunt!

As soon as he'd stopped coming, I lifted off Dave's
cock and quickly plunged it into my mouth – noisily
sucking the cum from it and making him groan with

I then sat down in front of him and folded myself
double by putting my legs behind my shoulders! This was
easy for me to do with being so tiny, and it was
something I did regularly on my own if ever I wanted to
suck my own cunt or clitty – which was pretty often! I
then bent my head forward and lewdly sucked and licked
on Dave's frothy cum as it was forced out of my cunt!

"Fucking hell! The guys will go wild when they see her
doing that!" Dave gasped.

Both dad and Dave fucked me again before I went to bed
– Dave promising dad that he'd be in touch real soon to
arrange a session with some more of the guys he knew
that really wanted to fuck me – the first of many more


One evening the week after, me and dad were on our way
to meet up with Dave and his friends – my mouth clamped
round dad's knob-end as we drove along.

"Don't you make me come just yet, you horny bitch!" he
smiled down at me, "I want to be able to give you a
full load in front of the guys!"

The room in the large house seemed to be full of guys
when we arrived, and all of them were smiling at me as
I stood there in my blue dress and white socks.

To give me a more 'little innocent girl' look, dad had
put my hair up in two pony-tails and ribbons that stuck
out either side of my head – apparently something that
really turned the guys on? I didn't question it, but
played my role to the full by standing there and
'innocently' sucking on a lollipop!

Dave then announced that we should immediately start,
and everyone started to strip off as I was led to a
covered mattress on the floor, around which were
several tripods, lights, videos and cameras, ready to
record and film every detail of me getting fucked!

"Okay Faye, you know what to do, my love!" dad said
quietly to me, "You do what you like doing best, and
enjoy yourself! I'll be here the whole time for you!"

A few moments later Dave was straddling my tiny frame
and pushing his erect cock into my mouth as I laid back
on the sheets with my tiny legs bent and splayed wide
open. The cameras clicked as I reached up and took hold
of his cock and slowly wanked him, whilst a load of the
men watched and stroked their cocks up to full
hardness. I felt my knickers being slowly eased down my
legs and saw dad smearing some of that cold gel into my
hairless slit before one of the guys eased his knob-end
into me and slowly pushed his cock into me as far as he

Everyone was moving about and talking excitedly as they
watched me taking two men at the same time – two more
men then kneeling down alongside us so's I could reach
out and toss both of them off as well! Dave then said
that he was near to coming and for me to open my mouth
wide for the cameras. I did as he said and a moment or
two later the cameras flashed as he spurted his cum
into my mouth and all over my face – a good load
hitting my tongue, but the rest splattering onto my
cheek and chin!

His cock was quickly replaced by another one – just as
the guy fucking me announced that he was going to come
as well!

I felt the first two spurts of his cum splashing inside
me, and then felt him pull out so's the rest of his
load jetted all over my cunt-lips! The cameras flashed
– recording and videoing the event for the men to look
at and no doubt wank over, later on!

This went on for quite a while before things relaxed
and the evening became what I've come to know as a
great fucking session!

The guys had finally relaxed and then simply fucked me
more for their pleasure than for their picture albums –
a much better atmosphere for everyone all round!

They had me in every conceivable position and
combination – me with one guy, then with several, me
sucking cocks and being fucked by them, then as the
evening wore on, several cocks being tossed off over my
face and into my mouth!

Their cum was everywhere – all over my face, body, as
well as in my cunt and mouth!

I was fucked on all fours, laid on my back, stood up
against a wall, leant back against the same wall,
bending over, and five or six times with me being
fucked by several erect cocks in succession, me being
totally impaled on them with the guys standing up, so's
my feet were way off the floor!

And as the evening drew to a close, the guys all knelt
round me and asked me to suck them off, one by one, and
then open my mouth wide for the cameras to see the
loads of cum in my mouth before I drank each sticky
load down – ready for the next one! Some wanted me to
toss them off, and others wanted to toss themselves off

For my finale, dad announced that I was going to suck
my own cunt clean for the cameras, and was there anyone
that would volunteer to toss themselves off over my
cunt-lips and slit, so's I could lick myself clean?

Five men quickly volunteered and waited patiently till
I got into position and doubled myself up. They then
stood around me and took turns at spurting their sticky
spunk both onto my slit and gaping cunt, and onto my
face before I got to work and licked my cum-coated cunt
clean, to the applause of the guys!

The night finally ended when I hooked two fingers into
my cunt and pushed my tongue deep inside my own cunt –
a video camera coming in really close to film what I
was doing before the guy aimed right down, to actually
film inside my cunt!

Dave then led me to the showers and asked me to suck
him off one more time.

I smiled before taking hold of his cock, then sucked
him hard and simply tossed him off into my mouth as he
stood there – me gulping down his cum and sucking his
cock clean for him before I got into the shower! I
can't explain why, but it felt far more sexy and
naughty, sucking him off with just us two being there,
than when I was fucked by all the guys earlier.

The guys all thanked me as me and dad went out to the
car, and they told us they'd definitely love to have me
again for another great fucking session!

"Well, how did tonight go for you Faye?" dad asked as
he drove home.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Fantastic, daddy!" I grinned, "We are
going to go again?"

"I sincerely hope so my darling!" he replied, "They
paid me a lot of money for tonight's entertainment! And
as a special thanks from me, I'm going to stop in a
minute or two, and we'll have a great fuck together –
just you and me!"

"Mmmm! I'd really like that daddy!" I told him

A few minutes later he pulled up and stopped the

"C'mon, follow me!" he smiled.

I got out of the car and followed him into an open
gateway and through into a field.

Once there, he stripped off and I laid down beside him
with my dress pulled up to my chin and my knickers on
the grass.

He then got between my legs and fed his rigid cock into
my still gaping cunt before simply fucking me and
coming deep inside me – me with my arms and legs
wrapped tightly round him the whole time.

As we laid there, still locked together with his cock
nestling inside me, I had a wicked and lewd thought...

"Daddy?" I asked.

"Hmmm?" he replied.

"Will you... suck me out, while I... have a wank?" I

"Anything, for my little girl!" he replied with a broad

I quickly climbed over him as he rolled over, and knelt
over his head – lowering my cum-filled cunt down onto
his mouth as my fingers found my most special place.

He held me round my waist as I felt his tongue probing
deep inside me – my fingers busily strumming my clitty
and bringing my rapidly building orgasm ever nearer!

Within two minutes of starting, I was having a massive
orgasm – dad feverishly licking and sucking on my
orgasming cunt!


I went to many more group sessions with my dad in those
early years, the later ones being proper gang-bangs and
not photo-shoots – and all the better for it!

One thing I did learn at that very early age, was how
much power I had over men if they wanted me to suck
them off or to fuck me! It gave me a fantastic buzz to
flash my hairless slit at them and know how much it
made them want me – a ploy I used a lot then, and still
use today!

It was also then that I learned how good it made me
feel to suck out another female.

Men, after our many group sessions, were always asking
dad if they could come round to our house, and dad
usually obliged. So there was a never-ending stream of
guys visiting us – some asking if their wives could
come round as well!

It was after the eleventh or twelfth group session that
one guy asked to see us again and bring his wife for
dad to fuck. By then, dad had accepted a made-to-
measure basque and some nylons as part payment for me
to wear whilst being photographed and fucked –
something that made me feel extremely horny whilst

It was made especially for me by one of the wives, and
I wore it for most of our group sessions, because it
drove the guys wild with lust to see me in it as they
fucked me!

Dad said it made me look like a real little woman
whilst wearing it, and he always insisted on me wearing
it on the increasingly rare nights when we were alone
at home and he wanted to fuck me!

I was wearing it that evening the guy brought his wife
round to see us. She was blonde, very slim and young,
and both she and her husband spent some time caressing
me before we finally got down to some serious fucking.

Her husband wasted no time in getting between my legs
as his wife watched and dad fucked her from behind. I
remember her urging her husband on as he gasped that he
was near to coming in me, with me laid back on the
carpet as dad fucked into her!

As soon as he pulled out of me after coming inside me,
she called me over and told me to lie on my back with
my legs bent and splayed. I did as she asked, my
suspenders stretched tight and pulling away from my
tiny nylon-clad thighs as she dropped her head down and
sucked my cunt clean of her husband's cum!

As soon as she'd finished, she asked me to do the same
for her, and to suck my dad's cum from her cum-filled
cunt! This I gladly did, and I tasted another woman's
cum for the first time that night as she frigged her
clitty hard and orgasmed into my mouth!

They became quite friendly and we saw them and their
friends on a regular basis for quite a while, and each
time I sucked her out after her husband or one (or
several) of their friends had fucked her several times
and repeatedly come inside her!

On one occasion, she totally surprised me by giving me
two basques she'd made for me to wear – a lacy black
one and one in white! They were beautiful and an exact
copy of the ones I regularly wear today!


Now I want to tell you about some of the other
'adventurers' I had around that time.

We still live in a detached house at the end of
Riding's Close. Next to us is another house and there
is a footpath between us that leads down to the railway
station, so unlike most closes, it can be quite busy
with people going to and coming from the station.
Partway down the footpath you can turn either left or
right along a path that leads round the back of the
houses and gardens that form the close, to the road
that runs across the top. I frequently use these paths
today when I'm going out for men and don't want the
neighbours to see how sexily I'm dressed in my side-
split skirts that sometimes flash my stocking-tops, or
whilst wearing my revealing mini-skirts!

I think I was 7, and it was a hot summer's weekend when
I got bored and decided to have some fun with some poor
and unsuspecting person that I could find.

Dad was busy working upstairs on the internet and so I
crept into my bedroom and rummaged through my undie-
drawer for a pair of knickers that should've been
thrown away months ago! They were a very old pair, made
of cotton, and the elastic had worn out around the legs
and crotch – but they fitted my plan perfectly!

I quickly changed into them and made sure they weren't
pulled right up – further ensuring that they'd hang
loosely around my crotch!

Then I went back downstairs and called to dad that I
was going to go out and play on the street in the sun.
He called back to remind me to watch for traffic, and I
went out.

Halfway up on the right-hand side, was a house owned by
Mr. Harris.

Mr. Harris was about 50 or so and I knew he was very
'interested' in me – a fact that was made perfectly
clear to me when I sat on his lap one day and felt his
cock stiffening underneath me! Now I was able to take
some cock, I decided that Mr. Harris might be able to
supply some for me – with the right sort of

Luckily, I saw that he was busy in the front garden as
I approached his house.

So I climbed up onto his garden wall and sat with my
knees drawn up to my chin – a position most young girls
seem to adopt, but maybe not for the reasons I had in

As I sat there, I made sure the gusset of my knickers
was 'accidentally' pulled to one side – totally
exposing my hairless slit to the world!

"Hello Mr. Harris!" I called cheerfully, "Doing some

"Oh, hello Faye!" he said as he started to turn round,
"Yes, doing a bit of...!"

He stopped dead as his eyes rested on my totally
exposed cunt!

"Errrmmm... Yes, doing a bit of... weeding!" he
continued hesitantly.

The butterflies in my stomach were tickling like mad,
and made me feel as horny as hell as I sat there and
knew he could see my naked cunt beneath my dress – a
fact patiently obvious by the bulge that was rapidly
appearing in the front of his pants!

I was also getting a buzz out of exposing my cunt in a
public place with people walking to and fro – and me
even knowing that they couldn't see anything as they
walked past me, did nothing to lessen my excitement!

"Got to keep on top of them!" he added, his eyes still
riveted to my naked cunt!

"I can help you do some, if you want?" I offered.

"Well... I'm almost finished here – but I'm going to do
the back garden after lunch, so you can help me then,
if you want?" he replied.

I knew we couldn't be disturbed by people walking past
us in the back garden – and he knew it as well, so I
guessed that's why he made the offer!

"Okay Mr. Harris! About one o'clock?" I suggested.

"Yes... yes Faye, that'll be... fine!" he replied, with
the conspicuous bulge growing much longer and now
extending almost halfway down his thigh, "I'll have
some lemonade ready for you, then!"

"Okay Mr. Harris, see you then!" I called.

"Oh Faye! Come round the back way!" he called back, "I
might not hear you if you come in through the front

The fact I'd most likely just walk through to the back,
didn't seem to occur to him, but I knew that the real
reason, was that he didn't want anyone to see me going
into his place – and that way we'd be far less likely
to be disturbed!

That gave me 2 hours before I'd to be round at his
house, so I made use of the time by going home and
practicing how to sit in a chair and 'accidentally'
expose my cunt to anyone sitting opposite me!

I went into my bedroom and got the mirror down off my
dressing-table and put it onto the floor, then placed a
chair in front of it. I then tried several different
techniques and eventually found by trial and error,
that if I made sure my knickers weren't pulled up too
far, and I sat in the chair with both knees drawn up
like when I sat on Mr. Harris' wall, all I had to do
was slide my bottom to one side to completely expose my

With that sorted out, me and dad had lunch before he
went back to work on the computer with me telling him I
was going out to play in the close again as the clock
showed almost one o'clock. Of course, this time I
walked down the footpath to the station, but turned
left to go round the back of Mr. Harris' house and

A few moments later I was at his back gate with my
heart thumping in my chest as I deliberately slid my
knickers down my hips a bit to make them baggy at the

"Hi Mr. Harris!" I called as I opened the gate and
looked inside, "It's me, Faye!"

"Oh, hi Faye! Come in and shut the gate behind you
please!" he called back.

I walked up the path and saw him sitting on the patio
whilst smoking a cigarette under the shade of some low
hanging Japanese Maple trees. Another thing I
immediately saw, was that he'd changed into a pair of

"Come and sit down!" he smiled, "We'll have some
lemonade before we start!"

I walked up to the empty chair – strategically placed
so's it was directly opposite his, and climbed onto it
and deliberately drew my knees up to my chin!

A quick slide to one side with my bum, and I
immediately felt the cool air blowing on my now
obviously exposed cunt!

"Errrmmm... Pour yourself some lemonade, Faye!" he
coughed, his hand now 'casually' resting on his thigh,
"There's plenty there for you!"

I made a big deal out of leaning over to one side and
shuffling about a bit in my chair as I filled my glass
– hoping I might cause my cunt-lips to open slightly
and excite Mr. Harris even more! And as I slowly poured
the drink into my glass, I watched him through the
corner of my eye, looking intently between my
widespread legs at my 'carelessly' exposed, naked cunt!

"Mmmm, it's nice!" I smiled as I finally took a sip,
"Nice and cool!"

We talked about this and that for the next few minutes,
with me apparently casually gazing around, but in
actuality looking at him secretly and minutely, stoking
the ever growing bulge that was hidden under his hand,
and rapidly extending from under it!

"It won't be long before we see you with a boyfriend!"
he 'joked' indifferently, "Or have you got one already,

"Not at the moment, Mr. Harris!" I smiled, "But I'd
really like one!"

"Oh? And why's that?" he asked as he idly stroked his
bulge a bit more openly.

"Well... you know!" I replied in my coyest voice as I
looked downwards.

"Know? Know what, Faye?" he replied in an 'innocent'

"You do!" I laughed as I feigned acute embarrassment,
"You do know!"

"I don't – honestly!" he insisted with a broad grin,
"Tell me!"

I drew my finger across the table and looked away for a
moment to make him think I was getting really
embarrassed at his insistence.

"They... do things... with each other!" I finally

"Oh I see!" he replied, "And do you want to... do
things with someone?"

"Already have!" I replied quickly and boastfully,
"Quite a few times!"

"Oh?" he replied quickly, obviously completely taken
aback by my unexpected and frank admission, "What...
sort of... things?"

"Please! You won't tell anyone if I tell you about it –
will you, Mr. Harris?" I asked with mock concern.

"No! Of course not, Faye!" he blustered, "Your secret's
totally safe with me!"

I pretended for a moment to summon up the courage to
tell him...

"Go on, Faye!" he urged, "You can tell me!"

As he reached for another cigarette, I noticed that his
cock was now visibly straining to get out from under
the leg of his shorts! And as he raised his free hand
from his thigh to cup round his lighter and shield it
from the breeze, I plainly saw his massive purple knob-
end peeping out from up the leg of them!

"Well... I've played with a man's thingy and made him
come!" I finally admitted to him, "And other... things
as well!"

"Hmmm, I see!" he replied quietly, "And did you like
doing that, Faye?"

"Oh yes!" I smiled, "It was lovely!"

"And what... other... things did you do?" he probed.

"I've... I've even sucked a man's... thingy, and
swallowed his... stuff!" I replied.

"Oh?" he smiled, "Anything... else?"

"You really won't tell anyone – will you?" I asked in a
really concerned voice.

"I promise!" he smiled, "Now go on... have you done
anything... else?"

"I've let a man shove his... thingy inside me... and
then spurt his... stuff into me!" I finally blurted, as
though I was glad to finally tell someone!

"Well that's alright!" he smiled as he tried to make
light of my confession, "As long as you enjoyed it,
that's all that matters!"

"Oh I did!" I smiled, really turning up the heat by
reaching down and 'unconsciously' openly scratching my
still totally exposed cunt, "I really did! That's why
I'd really like a boyfriend – so's I could do it a lot

"Hmmmmmm!" he mused, "So you'd really like to do
what... exactly, again?"

"All of it!" I replied matter-of-factly, "I really
liked doing all of it... and would like a boyfriend to
do it with again!"

"I see...!" he replied slowly, "Faye... I want to ask
you something – something between just me and you!
Nobody else must know – okay?"

I nodded my head.

"What would you say... if I said I'd be your...
boyfriend – if you wanted me to?" he smiled, "And then
you and me... could do all of the things you liked
doing with this other man? Would you like that?"

I pretended to think about it for a moment – but
actually hoping he was going to fuck me real soon with
that massive knob-end of his that was now almost
completely exposed and peeping out from beneath the
left leg of his shorts!

"And nobody else would know about it?" I asked timidly.

"Not unless you wanted someone else to join us!" he
replied, "I do know a few men that'd love to be the
boyfriend of such a pretty girl as you! That'd be your
decision, and I wouldn't tell anyone else what we were
doing, if you didn't want me to!"

"Well... if you promise?" I replied slowly, "And you'd
let me suck you off and you'd fuck me – that's what
they call it, isn't it – fuck?"

"That's right, Faye – a fuck!" he smiled, "And yes, if
I was your boyfriend, I'd want you to suck me off and
let me fuck you – as often as possible!"

"And what about someone else joining in and... fucking
me?" I asked.

"Like I said... that'd only happen if you asked me to
ask those men I know that'd love to... fuck you!" he
smiled, "Otherwise it'd just be you... and me!"

I smiled broadly and told him it was okay to be my

"Well how about you coming over here and giving your
new boyfriend a little kiss, then?" he asked, "I'd
really like you to!"

I climbed down off the chair and went across to him –
him leaning forward and kissing me on the lips!

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's nice, Faye!" he whispered, "Now
is there anything else you want us to do? We can leave
the weeding for a while!"

"I could suck your thingy for you and swallow your
stuff!" I replied.

"It's called a cock – and my 'stuff' is called my cum,
Faye!" he said, "And this is called... your cunt!"

As he said the word 'cunt' he reached under my dress
and stroked his finger along my slit – making me shiver
with lust and excitement!

"Cock... cum... and cunt!" I repeated, "Okay, can I
suck your cock and swallow your cum for you, Mr.

"Please, call me Peter!" he replied, "And yes, you can
suck my cock for me, Faye!"

He stood up and took my hand before leading me inside,
then opened the door to his bedroom and started to get

As he dropped his shorts his massive cock sprung into
full view, and only then did I realise the immense size
of it! It was huge, and had a massive and shiny knob-
end which reflected the light coming through the

"Was that other man's cock as big as this, Faye?" he
asked me.

"Well actually, there has been more than just that one
man!" I confessed, "But I didn't really want to admit
too much to you to begin with in case you didn't want
me to be your new girlfriend!"

"It doesn't matter to me how many men have fucked you,
Faye!" he replied, "As long as we can enjoy ourselves

I climbed on the bed beside him and took hold of his
massive cock, then lowered my head and slowly encircled
my lips over his knob-end before sucking it into my

"Jesus Christ!" he hissed as I slid my lips up and down
his thick shaft, "That feels fucking fantastic! You
sure know how to suck a guy's cock, Faye!"

As I took hold of his cock and started wanking him, I
felt him push a finger deep into my cunt and start to
finger-fuck me! So I slowly wriggled on it and sat down
slightly so's I was almost sitting on it! This really
turned him on, and a moment later he gasped that he was
going to come! So I tightened my grip on his cock with
my lips and wanked him faster – him then groaning
loudly as he spurted his thick and creamy cum into my
mouth! I moaned my appreciation as each spurt hit my
tongue, and stopped wanking him as his cock became
sensitive and the action of my lips made him catch his
breath. Finally I pulled off him and licked my lips –
smiling at him before kissing his rapidly shrinking

"That was fucking fantastic, Faye!" he gasped, "And you
swallowed it all down!"

"Mmmm, I love the taste of cum!" I grinned, "It's
really nice!"

"Well if it's cum you like, I know a guy that can give
you loads more than I can give you!" he replied, "Would
you like to meet him?"

I quickly nodded my head and grinned.

"Has he got a big cock?" I asked.

"It's about as long as mine, but much thicker, and it
has a massive knob-end!" he grinned at me, "Would you
like me to give him a ring?"

"Oooo, yes please, Peter!" I smiled broadly.

He disappeared and returned a few minutes later with a
broad smile on his face.

"He's on his way over!" he announced, "You're gonna
love this cock – especially when it's spurting his cum
down your throat and I'm fucking you from behind!"

"Mmmm, that'll be nice – a cock at each end!" I

We spent the ten minutes it took for his friend to
arrive, with me lying on the bed and Peter sucking on
my cunt as he finger-fucked me.

"Faye, this is Mike!" he said as the man walked into
the room, "Okay Mike, do you want to let Faye suck your
cock for you while I give her a good fucking?"

"Hi there Faye!" Mike said as he unzipped his jeans and
started to undress, "Yeah, whatever you want, Pete!"

His cock was still soft as he stripped off, but I was
still impressed with it's size as it dangled between
his thighs!

"D'you want to kneel on the edge of the bed so's I can
stand behind you and fuck you while you suck Mike's
cock for him, Faye?" Peter asked me.

I dutifully got into position and Mike laid back on the
bed – wanking his hunk of meat as Peter slid his finger
up and down my slit!

By now I was directly over Mike's stiffening cock and
watched in awe as it rapidly grew thicker and harder –
the knob-end looking really big and looking as though
it could please any woman it was pushed into!

"Has Peter told you that I usually come a lot, Faye?"
he asked me.

"Yes!" I smiled at him, "But I really like drinking
cum, so it should be okay!"

"Christ! How old is she Peter?" Mike asked, "Eighteen?"

"Seven!" I announced proudly, "I'd have proper tits and
stuff if I was eighteen!"

I looked down at his now rigid cock and stretched my
lips over that massive knob-end of his – the purple
glans filling my tiny mouth as Peter slowly pushed his
knob-end into my tight cunt before sliding his cock in
and out of me!

"Fucking hell!" Mike gasped as I bobbed my head up and
down and sucked on his cock before I started to toss
him off, "That feels fucking great, Faye!"

"Told you she was good, Mike!" Peter said from behind
me, "Not bad for a seven year old, is she?"

Mike was enjoying things too much to reply, and simply
laid there with his rigid cock lewdly sticking in my

"Oh yeah!" he groaned a few minutes later as my lips
gripped his massive knob-end and my tiny fist slid up
and down his thick shaft, "It won't be long now, Faye!"

"Same here!" Peter gasped, as he held onto my skinny
hips and fucked into me, "I'm nearly coming as well!"

"I'm gonna come real soon!" Mike suddenly gasped as his
knob-end swelled in my mouth, "Get ready to swallow my
cum, Faye!"

"Mmmm" I moaned on his cock, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"

"I'm coming!" Peter suddenly gasped from behind me,

I felt his cock jerking and throbbing inside my cunt
and the delicious feeling of it spurting his load of
cum inside me, just as Mike let out a deep groan and
blasted the first spurt of his thick and creamy cum
into my mouth!

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Suck me baby, suck me!" Mike gasped
as his cock throbbed powerfully in my mouth and spat
his heavy load into it, "Suck that cock!"

Both men were now groaning and gasping loudly as they
shot their hot and sticky loads into me, and I had to
gulp down Mike's cum really fast before it filled my
mouth and leaked out past my clutching lips!

Then they both slowed to a stop – their orgasms now
over and their cocks shrinking in either end of me! So
I allowed Mike's cock to slither from my mouth, as
Peter rested over my back to catch his breath, his cum
now slowly oozing from my newly-fucked cunt and running
down my thighs onto the duvet!

"Christ, that was good!" Mike gasped as I lowered my
head and sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth to suck
up the last of his cum, "Where the fuck did you learn
to do that, Faye?"

"Not telling!" I grinned as I pulled off him and kissed
his knob-end for him.

"Well they sure trained you well!" Mike grinned back,
"That was one of the best blow-jobs I've had in a long

"I think we ought to ask Faye if she'll let us fuck her
again sometime, Mike!" Peter said, "I know I'd like her

"Well, what about it, Faye?" Mike asked, "Can we fuck
you again sometime?"

"Yep!" I beamed, "I'd like that!"

I let Mike and Pete fuck me on a regular basis for
quite a few months after that, before Pete eventually
sold his house and moved away with his job – all three
of us having a smashing cum-filled session the day
before he moved! I saw Mike many more times after that,
and frequently sucked him off in his car before he got
married and of course, couldn't get out as much.

During the time I was seeing Mike and at the ripe old
age of 8 – nearly 9, I used to visit the local park and
either visit the toilet block there or sit by the
ornamental pool.

Sitting by the pool was great, because immediately
behind the benches there was the footpath – which meant
plenty of men passing by to 'accidentally' expose my
cunt to! On the other side of the path there were a
load of bushes – a very convenient hiding place if you
wanted to do something in secret! Thinking back, I
must've done 'naughty things' in those bushes with
about 20 or 30 men all together!

I remember one occasion, when I was sitting there on a
bench around tea-time.

I was 'assuming my usual position' when a man came up
and to feed the ducks.

He was about 50, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and

Because of the time, there weren't many people around,
and when he'd finished feeding them, he turned and
obviously saw how I was sitting. He then looked around
and scanned the immediate area before coming over to
sit almost next to me.

"Nice young pussy you've got there!" he said quietly to
me, "I suppose you do know you're showing it?"

"What... this?" I replied, unashamedly pulling my dress
further up and moving my knickers even further to one
side as I turned towards him.

He looked straight at my exposed cunt for quite a
while, then turned his head and reached over to lightly
stroke it! Without turning his head, he slowly slid a
finger inside me and started to openly finger-fuck me –
right there in public! He then slowly reached down and
unzipped his jeans – pulling his stiffening cock out
for me to see!

"How would you like some of... that?" he asked me.

"Mmmm, I'd love some!" I replied, "As much as what
you're doing right now!"

"Would you like to... suck it for me?" he asked as he
slowly slid his foreskin up and down it's full length
so's his knob-end was completely uncovered.

"Oooo yes!" I replied with a smile.

"And what else would you like to do with it?" he asked

"Have you put it right up inside my cunt and come
inside me!" I replied brazenly.

"Go into the bushes and wait there a few minutes for me
to join you!" he replied.

I dutifully did as he said, leaving him sitting there
for a few minutes before he got up and finally walked
up into the bushes to join me.

Once he was safely under cover, he unzipped his jeans
and took out his erect cock!

I immediately clamped my lips over his knob-end and
slid his foreskin up and down his shaft – tossing him
off as he held my head on either side.

"Not too much!" he suddenly said, "You do want me to
put it in your cunt and fuck you with it, don't you?"

I smiled and nodded my head.

"Okay! But first I want to suck your cunt for you!" he
told me, "Let me lie down over there so you can sit on
my face!"

I followed him over to the patch of grass and he laid
down with his jeans round his ankles and his cock in
his hand! I then straddled his head and slowly lowered
myself down and heard him moan against my cunt and then
felt his tongue snake it's way into me. I could feel
him wanking his cock as his tongue probed deeper and
deeper inside me, that tickling feeling once more
running through my belly!

After about 2 minutes of this, he lifted me up and
quietly told me to sit on his cock, as he was near to
coming and had always wanted to spurt his cum into a
little girl's cunt.

So I moved down and felt his knob-end parting my cunt-
lips as he eased his cock into me before he pulled me
forward onto his chest. Then he humped his hips up and
down and slowly fucked his rigid cock into my tight
cunt before finally coming and filling me up completely
with a massive load of cum!

"Will you do me one last favour?" he asked quietly as
his cock slowly shrank.

"Sure!" I replied, "What is it?"

"Will you let me look at my cum inside your cunt and
then let me lick you out?" he asked, "I might never get
this chance again!"

"You will if you meet me again down here!" I smiled, "I
come here all the time!"

With that, I pulled off him and placed my finger over
my cunt to hold in his cum, then laid back with my legs
spread wide as he knelt between them.

Once he was ready, I pulled my cunt-lips apart and he
gazed into my cum-filled cunt for several moments, then
dipped his head down and clamped his lips over it!

He slurped noisily on his own cum as he avidly sucked
it from me and swallowed it all down, me then standing
with my legs wide apart over his upturned mouth, so's
he could retrieve every last drop and gulp it down!

"Thank you!" he said as he wiped some cum from his
lips, "Did you really mean it when you said I could
fuck you again?"

"Of course I did!" I replied, "If I see you down here
again about this time of day, I'll wander off into
these bushes, and then you can fuck me as often as you

When we weren't at Dave's, I was down there at the
pond, and he must've fucked me 2 or 3 dozen more times
before the weather put a stop to our al fresco

Funnily enough, it was on that very spot, after having
been fucked stupid one evening by 2 guys several years
later, that I had another fuck, that introduced to me a
whole new type of sexual practice that I'd never
thought of – but more about that later on!

In the early evenings during the summer months, I also
used the park toilets many times to get my fill of cum
and cock.

I'd simply wander into the men's toilets whilst still
wearing my school uniform, and sit in a cubicle to wait
for men that were also out looking for sex – perhaps
not some 'schoolgirl-sex' with a 9 year old, but they
never refused me when they found out that that's what I
had to offer them!

In the partition walls of the toilets on either side,
were holes – big enough to accept an erect cock being
pushed through from the next cubicle, and also to look
through to see what was on offer from next door. I did
my fair share of looking, and saw loads of highly
erotic sights – men fucking other men, men sucking
another man off, men on their own and having a wank –
all of them either semi-clothed or stark naked!

There was also a surprising amount of men both wearing
women's undies under their ordinary clothes, and men
fully-dressed as women, so they looked for all the
world like a real woman! These really intrigued me
because they looked so damn sexy!

The first time I peeped through and saw a man lying
back on the toilet seat and wanking himself whilst
wearing suspenders and nylons, I nearly orgasmed on the
spot! I was so highly turned-on, that I crept out of my
cubicle and slowly pushed the door of his cubicle open
before stepping inside and motioning to him to keep
quiet as I locked the door behind me! I'd found out
much earlier that it was usual for them to leave their
doors unlocked if they wanted another man to walk in
and join them.

At first the guy was uncertain about the situation, but
as soon as I lifted up my pleated grey skirt and showed
him my naked cunt, and the fact that I wasn't wearing
knickers, he relaxed and beckoned me towards him!

I immediately stood between his splayed nylon-clad
thighs and sucked his bulbous knob-end into my mouth –
the guy humping his hips up and down on the toilet seat
to 'mouth-fuck' me as he reached down my white cotton
blouse and played with my 'barely-budding' girlie tits!

It must've really turned him on as well, to have a
schoolgirl sucking his rigid cock for him whilst
letting her see him wearing his sexy undies, because he
soon pulled me towards him and slid his cock into my
cunt before holding me close to him and fucking me
until he came and shot his sticky spunk deep inside me!

The same thing happened a few weeks later – but this
time the guy was fully dressed as a woman! He was
wearing makeup, a wig, jewellery, undies, a miniskirt,
nylons, and high heels – exactly like a real woman
would wear! The only difference being, was the massive
erect cock that lewdly jutted out from between his
nylon-clad thighs!

I went in as before, and again lifted my skirt for him
to see my naked cunt, and that I wasn't wearing any
knickers, and he (she) smiled broadly as I stepped

Once more I clamped my mouth over another rigid cock –
and what a cock it was!

I sucked him off and swallowed his copious amount of
thick and creamy cum before he fucked me twice more and
filled me up completely with his cum, both times!

He even had a wank and shot his cum high into the air,
as he laid back and watched me when I scooped his cum
out of my cunt and greedily swallowed it down!

Since then I've been had by dozens of guys whilst they
were wearing women's undies and clothes, and I
thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them – much more
than with 'normally' dressed guys!

I was still getting all the cock I needed from many
other guys at our regular meetings with Dave – me now
at the age of 10 and sporting a budding pair of firm
tits and hairy cunt so's I was very much in demand by
the many different guys that came from all over the
country and attended our sessions on a regular basis!

With the budding firm tits and hairy cunt, came the
first signs of a womanly figure and thankfully, a
deeper cunt that could accommodate a full-length cock
inside me! And although I was only 10, I regularly wore
sexy undies at our sessions and drove the guys wild as
I slowly stripped off for them to fuck me!

Sadly, I'd lost that 'innocent infant' look of a 6 or 7
year old girl quite a while ago, and I was afraid at
first that the gang-bang sessions would stop.

But I needn't have worried, I was now greatly in demand
by many more different guys – when I was dressed as a
young schoolgirl for them to fuck me!

I was truly amazed how many guys got turned-on by
fucking me as a schoolgirl!

Dave was finding it hard to cope with the sheer volume
of guys that wanted to attend our sessions and fuck the
ass off me in my schoolgirl clothes!

Me and dad were almost living at Dave's place, with him
cramming in 4 or 5 sessions a week – each session with
20-25 guys, and sometimes with their wives!

I guessed there must've been several hundred guys that
wanted to, and actually did fuck me as a 6 year old –
but there must've been several thousand guys that
seriously wanted a schoolgirl with a heavily thatched,
deep and slippery cunt writhing and moaning on the end
of their rigid cocks – and boy, did they get one!

Of course the money rolled in, and we wanted for
nothing – dad paying off our hefty mortgage within 2
years and him buying us a brand new car!


Three years passed, and the only difference was, that I
grew a few inches taller, and my tits got bigger and
firmer (36c), with fantastically large, dark nipples
that became very erect and hard at the slightest
provocation! Everyone asked me if I'd had plastic
surgery done and silicone implants put in, but I
hadn't, and they are totally natural!

I also developed a much rounder but still very slim
figure, which finished things off nicely and really
emphasised the fullness of my tits.

Even though I was getting more cock than a whore on an
island of randy men, I still wanted some time to myself
to find some cock of my own.

So, on one of the nights away from getting gang-banged
as a schoolgirl at Dave's, I thought I'd try the park
once again, to see if it still worked for me there? I
put on some makeup and put my hair up in a ponytail
before getting dressed for an evening at the park –
white cotton blouse, grey pleated skirt, school-tie,
white knee-length socks, my school blazer, black shoes
and of course, no knickers – only a lacy black front-
fastening ½ cup bra – with cups so small, they didn't
even cover my nipples!

It was a very warm summer's evening as I sat down on
the benches by the pond, but there were surprisingly
few people walking about – just the occasional dog-
walker and some elderly couples taking the night air.

After sitting there for twenty minutes with nothing
happening, and because I felt incredibly horny, I
lifted up my skirt, spread my legs wide, and idly
frigged my sensitive clitty to full erectness as I laid
back against the backrest of the bench.

It went some way to relieving my horniness, to openly
wank myself in a public place and expose my very hairy
cunt, but it also turned me on even more!

In desperation and sheer frustration, I decided to give
it another few minutes, before I tried moving to the
toilets to see if I would have more luck there? It was
then that I saw two men about 50 yards away, and
walking across the grass towards me.

So I kept on playing with myself as long as I dared,
before finally smoothing down my skirt and sitting up –
but still keeping my knees spread apart!

"Hi!" one of them said as they sat down a little away
from me, "Nice evening!"

"Yeah, it is!" I replied, "I like to come down here on
an evening like this – it's so peaceful and relaxing!"

"So you come down here quite often?" the other guy

"Yeah... fairly often!" I replied.

"Bet you've seen some rare old sights down here then!"
the first one said, "Y'know, the trannies and

"Oh, the guys dressed as women? Yeah, I see them all
the time!" I replied.

One of them then slid along the bench offered me a
cigarette, which I accepted gratefully. The other moved
closer also, and reached over to give me a light.

"Mmmm, thanks!" I smiled, drawing in the relaxing smoke
and blowing it out again.

"Do they ever make a pass at you – the trannies, I
mean?" the nearest one asked.

I leant back against the backrest before answering, my
blazer falling open and exposing my white blouse as it
stretched tight against my boobs and plainly showed the
two little bumps of my nipples under the thin material.

"Yeah... a few have!" I admitted.

"And?" the other asked.

"And... what?" I half-smiled.

"Did you?" he insisted.

"Well they are guys!" I replied, "They just wear
women's clothes and undies so's they look like women,
that's all! Everything else is the same!"

"Oh... so you have been with them!" the nearest one
replied immediately.

I looked straight at him and gave him a smirk without

"What's it like... being fucked by a guy that's dressed
as a woman?" he asked.

"Same as with any other man!" I grinned sheepishly,
suddenly aware that my nipples were starting to harden
at the fond memories of being soundly fucked by many of
the trannies in the past, "Only their clothes are

"So you like to see them in their sexy undies – do
you?" the other asked, "But is it the undies, or the
men wearing them?"

"I find the combination of both to be real turn-on,
actually!" I stated, my nipples now definitely
hardening rapidly and making their presence known!

"Hmmm, I can see that just talking about them, turns
you on as well!" the guy nearest said, "And you're
obviously not wearing sexy undies!"

"I seldom wear undies!" I smiled, "Especially when it's
warm, like tonight!"

"Show us!" the nearest one said, "Prove to us you're
not wearing any!"

"And what'd be in it for me if I did show you?" I
smiled, "You two would get a quick flash, and I'd get

"You could get... this!" the one farthest one said as
he stood up and swiftly pulled an already massive and
still stiffening cock out of his jeans!

"And perhaps... this!" the nearest on added.

He prised his truly massive cock out of his jeans, and
stood there with his hands by his sides as it jutted
out proudly at an angle and twitched several times as
it continued to harden and grow even thicker and longer
as I watched it!

"You want them?" he asked simply, "Both of them?"

I slowly lifted the hem of my skirt up, and completely
exposed my hairy cunt to them!

They then slowly walked round and stood either side of
me – their magnificent cocks swaying from side to side.
I then hitched my hips forward on the bench, so's my
exposed cunt was level with the front edge, before
taking hold of both cocks and slowly sliding their
foreskins up and down their shafts for them.

"How about showing us your tits?" one of them said.

"You do it!" I replied, "My hands are rather full at
the moment!"

The one on my left reached down and undid the buttons
on my blouse, then undid the clasp of my front-
fastening bra – the two lacy cups snapping apart to
hang loosely at my sides, and completely exposing my
tits and erect nipples to them!

"Fucking hell!" one of them gasped, "Now they're tits!"

Before I knew it, they'd both dipped down and clamped
their lips over my erect and very sensitive nipples –
both sucking on them and making my cunt drool with

After a few moments they pulled off them and I pulled
the cock of the one on my left towards my mouth –
sucking his knob-end into it as he knelt with one knee
beside me

on the bench. His hand went back to my tit and he
caressed it as the other guy knelt on the other side of
me and slid two fingers into my sopping cunt!

We stayed like that for a while before one of them
suggested that we go into the bushes so's we could have
some more fun in private.

I immediately led the way and laid down on the same
patch of grass I'd been fucked so many times on,
several years before!

As I drew up my knees and let them fall apart in
readiness for a good fucking, the guys undressed with
one immediately diving between my legs and clamping his
mouth over my drooling cunt! The other meanwhile, knelt
at my head so's I could suck his cock for him as he
caressed and stroked both my tits, and erect nipples.

Now totally overcome with lust for these two fine
cocks, I was moaning softly and writhing on the grass
as the guys enjoyed my body.

The one between my legs then moved up and sank his
entire length into my dripping cunt with one lunge
forward before starting to fuck me real hard – so hard
it made my whole body move back and forth on the grass
with his efforts as I lifted my legs and wrapped them
around his back!

He fucked me soundly for about 20 minutes before coming
and then swapping places with his mate! He then fucked
my for about the same length of time – repeatedly
ramming his massive cock into me and battering his
knob-end up against my cervix!

The stamina and sheer energy of these 2 guys had to be
experienced to be believed!

They both just kept going on and on – fucking me hard
for over 20 minutes at a time, with rock-hard cocks,
twice more before they both laid alongside me to

"We'll both have to be going in a minute or two –
wives, y'know!" one of them said.

"Well let me clean you up before you go!" I told them,
"Going home with your cocks smelling of another woman's
cunt, isn't the easiest thing to explain to a wife!"

I dutifully sucked both of them clean – kissing the end
of their knob-ends before they got dressed and asked me
if I needed them to escort me out of the park?

"No thanks!" I smiled, "I'm just going to lie here for
a few minutes and have another ciggy, while my legs
start working again!"

They bade me goodbye and thanked me for such a great
fuck, before they both left me still lying on the grass
with my knees drawn up and splayed – their cum tickling
me as it slowly dribbled out of my gaping and gently
steaming cunt!

It was great to lie there after being so well fucked –
the light and cool zephyrs drying my cum-soaked thatch,
and pulling the skin tight as it dried the area around
my cunt.

As I idly drew on my cigarette and blew out the smoke,
I almost drifted off, only to be rudely roused from my
reverie by something cold being pressed against my

I quickly lifted my head and saw it was a large dog of
'doubtful parentage' that had his nose in my crotch!
For a split second I nearly shouted it away, but I
suddenly realised I really liked what he was doing to

"Where the hell did you come from, boy?" I asked him.

He didn't reply, just wagged his tail and then pushed
his head back between my legs!

As he licked me, I suddenly found myself becoming more
and more turned on by his tongue, as it licked and
probed ever deeper into my cunt!

He had one annoying habit though, he'd lick round my
clitty and really get me on the boil, then he'd move
away and lick round my ass – leaving me in mid-air and
begging for his tongue to lick my clitty again! Then he
stopped and pawed my leg a few times before trying to
wrap both of his fore-paws round it and hump it!

"Hey, you horny bugger!" I chided him, "I know what you

As if he understood, he pawed me again, so I turned
over onto my belly.

This time his nose pushed up against my ass and his
tongue soon prised my cheeks apart so's he could get at
the cum that still leaked from me! So I opened my legs
wide and he made a snuffling sound as he pushed his
tongue right inside my gash and made me squirm with
delight before stopping once more.

I waited for him to continue, but all he'd do, was to
paw my leg and stand there!

"C'mon you horny mutt!" I said under my breath, "Push
that wonderful tongue of yours deep inside me again!"

Once more he pawed my leg, then quickly pushed his nose
into my gash before standing back as though waiting for

"Ahhh! You want some more of that cum, d'you?" I smiled
back over my shoulder at him, "Well let's see if I can
find you some!"

Without realising what I was doing, I lifted my hips up
off the grass and backed up a bit so's I was halfway
onto my hands and knees. He immediately jumped between
my legs and wrapped his fore-paws round my waist – him
then humping his cock at my rump and spraying me with

As he fought to get his cock inside me, he kept
dragging my hips towards his stabbing cock – hitting my
ass-cheeks several times with the tip of his pointed

I suddenly realised that his dew-claws were scratching
my waist and hips as he tried to pull himself into me,
and without thinking about the consequences, I
automatically moved backwards with my hips in an effort
to stop the sharp scratching pain they caused. This was
all he needed, and he suddenly lunged forward and
buried his cock in my cum-oozing cunt with one thrust
forward! I was so surprised, I didn't react for a few
seconds, and that was enough time for him to make about
a half a dozen more thrusts into my oozing cunt and get
a firm grip around my waist!

With my mind in a whirl, my basic instincts of lust
took over, and I found myself backing onto his
thrusting cock – suddenly revelling in the glorious
feeling I felt of having my cunt invaded by his
stabbing cock!

I was now fully on all fours, and he was fucking me
like I was a bitch on heat as I knelt on the grass and
allowed him full access!

"Oh yesssssssssssss!" I hissed through gritted teeth,
"C'mon boy, fuck me!"

I felt an orgasm suddenly building rapidly deep inside
me as he fucked his thickening cock into my cunt – the
sheer bliss of being fucked by him, outweighing any
feelings of guilt about actually letting a dog fuck me!
Instead of feeling guilty of performing such a lewd
act, I was rapidly getting turned on by him and was
loving every second!

"Oh, fuck me!" I gasped over and over again, "Fuck me –

As I knelt there on all fours with him holding onto my
waist and rapidly stabbing his spurting cock into me, I
became aware of his cock not only growing longer and
fucking deeper into me, it was also getting decidedly
thicker by the second as well!

So thick, I could now feel it rubbing the insides of my
cunt – giving me the most exquisite feelings as my
orgasm rapidly built inside me!

I also then felt something else – his knot! It was
getting larger by the second, and was no longer just a
little bump in his cock, it was now noticeably bigger
as he rapidly slid in and out of me and it slipped in
and out between my cunt-lips!

As I knelt there like the willing bitch I'd become, I
felt him change his stance and curl his hind-quarters
under me! This change made allowed him to fuck into me
much deeper – and more importantly, to keep his knot
inside me as he fucked me!

All of these subtle changes happened in a few seconds
and took me completely by surprise – not that I
would've stopped him if I'd had've had a mind to!

I wouldn't lie to you and try to make you think that I
was a helpless victim, by saying I was raped by this
dog – far from it! I desperately wanted to be fucked by
him, and did absolutely nothing to stop him – such was
the intensity of my lust and the fantastic feelings I
felt as he fucked me!

With my orgasm about to burst any second, I knew by the
sheer size and bulk, that his knot was now too big for
him to pull out – we were knotted!

Just as the first tingles of my orgasm flooded through
my body, I felt him suddenly slowing to a stop and
became acutely aware of the truly massive size of the
cock and knot that was now firmly wedged deep inside my
cunt – and that realisation was more than enough to
send me over the top! I suddenly experienced one of the
most intense and violent orgasms I'd ever had in my

My whole body froze and seized up with the sheer
intensity of it, and was heightened even further when I
felt his cock throbbing powerfully and jerking deep
inside my cunt! I'd never felt anything so beautiful,
so sexy, so intense, and anything that made me feel so
damn horny before in my life! No man had even come
close to giving me the pleasure I was feeling right
now! I'd orgasms on top of other orgasms that were
already smashing through my body – so intense and
violent, I couldn't breathe!

I felt completely full of cock, and at that moment, the
centre of my world was that magnificent cock that was
now spurting gallons of doggy-cum deep inside my cunt!

There was so much – it had actually filled me to
overflowing, and was now being forced past the tight
seal of his knot against my cunt-walls so it was
literally running out of me and flooding down my
thighs, and soaking into my thick thatch before
dripping off my clitty to the ground! The feelings
running around my head were far too strong for me by
now, and as I felt myself spinning and feeling very

I remember feeling his massively swollen cock jerking
inside me and actually slapping against my cunt-walls
with every spurt of his thick and creamy cum that he
gushed into me! I think I must've passed out for a few
moments about then, because the next thing I was aware
of, was him facing away from me so's we were ass-to-
ass, with us still locked together, and me feeling
blissfully full of his cock and colossal knot – a
continuous orgasm running through my body as his never
ending river of cum ran out of my bulging cunt, to soak
into the grass below!

We stayed like that – knotted together with him
spurting his cum into me, me still kneeling on all
fours and leaking onto the grass, for over half an

Then, as I felt his magnificent knot shrinking
slightly, he grew restless, and seemed to want to pull
out of me? But because his knot became a little
uncomfortable as he tried to pull it out – it still
being too big – I held onto his legs until I felt he
was small enough to pull out without damaging me!

He finally pulled out of me with a loud 'plop' and a
river of cum gushed from me as I fell over sideways and
grabbed hold of his still massive cock, before lying on
the grass with my legs askew and his cum literally
flooding from me!

As my cunt gurgled loudly with it's sticky contents
running onto the grass between my legs, I felt my sides
stinging where he'd scratched me, and made a mental
note that the next time I was fucked by a dog – and
boy, was there definitely going to be a next time – I'd
wear a basque to protect myself. But right now I'd more
pressing matters in hand, so I quickly slewed myself
round so's I was under his belly, and then directed the
pointed tip of his spurting cock directly onto my face!

The purple and red veined monster was throbbing and
jerking powerfully in my hand as I cautiously opened my
mouth and then pointed his cock straight at it!

Only a few spurts went into my mouth to begin with –
but it was enough for me to taste his cum, and decide
that I liked the taste immensely! So with no more ado,
I directed the tip at my mouth once more and opened
wide – then clamped my lips tightly round his throbbing
meat and sucked on it as hard as I could!

The mutt simply stood above me, his spurting cock
buried deep inside my suctioning mouth as I slid my
lips up and down it's length and gulped down the
copious amounts of cum he squirted in there!

It was quite unlike sucking off a man, instead of being
hard and smooth, it felt firm and yet somehow spongy,
and covered with dimples! And it was hot – hotter than
any man's cock I'd sucked, and unlike a man's, it kept
on spurting and spurting!

Jet after powerful jet of creamy cum shot into my mouth
as I laid there with my skirt pushed right up around my
waist, my blouse undone and open, my front-fastening
bra hanging loosely by my sides so's my firm tits and
erect nipples were totally exposed, and with thick
doggy-cum still oozing from my sopping and hairy,
gaping cunt!

I laid there with his hot and hard cock still lodged
deep in my mouth, for over half an hour – feeling
completely satisfied, relaxed, well-fucked, and totally

And when I finally let him pull his cock out of my
mouth, I laid there as I was for another 10 minutes or
so before trying to stand up.

When I did managed to stand, it was on very weak and
wobbly legs, and it took another ten minutes for me to
get myself dressed before setting out for home.

I can't begin to describe how good I felt as I teetered
along the path through the park on my way home, other
than to say that from now on, I was definitely going to
make doggy-fucking a regular part of my sex-life – and
as regular as possible!

When I eventually got home, dad was watching the

"Hi Faye! Had a good night?" he asked.

"Fantastic!" I told him, "One of the best for a long

"Hmmm... and I know what with!" he grinned, "First one,
was it?"

I looked at him blankly – totally unsure as to how to
answer him?

"Don't worry, love! Both me and your mum used to
regularly fuck with dogs before she died!" he said,
"She used to say that if we ever split up, she'd buy a
dog instead of looking for another man! Then she could
get all the cock she needed without the hassle of
living with another man!"

"So you're not bothered about me just having been
fucked by a dog, then?" I asked.

"Hell no!" he grinned, "You want to think about using
one when we go round to Dave's! It could double the
amount of money he gives us with the guys he'd get that
wanted to watch you being fucked by a dog!"

"Hmmm!" I mused for a moment, then said, "Hang on! You
just said that you'd been fucked by a dog as well!"

"I have – many times!" he replied, "And by other men as

"Well I didn't know that!" I exclaimed, "I didn't know
you were bi!"

"I have as far back as I can remember!" he openly
admitted, "Mum used to love to watch me getting fucked
by another guy – several some nights!"

"And do you still see other guys?" I asked guardedly.

"What d'you think I do these nights you go out on your
own? Sit and do some bloody knitting?" he laughed,
"I'll tell you something else you don't know! I also
have quite a few trannie friends that come round here
when you're out! And several have told me about them
fucking this young schoolgirl in the toilets in the
park, and how good she was at it! Now who d'you think
that could be, I wonder?"

I looked down at the floor with acute embarrassment –
and actually blushed!

"So, how was your first doggy-fuck?" he asked, "And did
you suck him off, after?"

"Oh dad, it was fantastic! I've never been fucked like
that before!" I gushed, "He was humping me for so long
and so hard, I nearly passed out!"

"A lot of women actually do!" he replied, "It gives
them an orgasm so intense, some do pass out with the
sheer pleasure! Now tell me, did you suck him off,

I nodded my head...

"Ahhh, it's the best part, isn't it? Lying back with
it's cum leaking out of you, and it's throbbing cock
stuck in your mouth – lovely!" he grinned, "I still
have some photos and videos of me and your mum with
dogs somewhere – and me both fucking and getting fucked
by some trannies, if you want to see them?"

"Mmmm, I'd love to!" I replied enthusiastically, "We
could compare notes!"

He laughed loudly before telling me to go for a hot
shower and then get to bed.

"We can't have you going to school tomorrow, smelling
of doggy-cum!" he said, "And I'll find those things for
you, so's we can have a film-show tomorrow evening!"

I had my shower and then went to bed, absolutely

We both settled down naked to watch the videos of him
and mum the following evening – both of us openly
wanking ourselves as we watched the images on the
screen of mum being mounted and fucked by several
different dogs – some on her own and some with dad
sucking her out as the dog knotted with her and she
sucked dad's cock for him! Then there were some
beautiful close-up shots of her sucking a few of the
dogs off – with mum opening her mouth wide for the
camera to show her mouth full of cum, and then again
after she'd swallowed it!

There were also several excellent close-ups of mum's
cunt, as it bulged open alarmingly with her cunt-lips
stretching tightly around the back of the dog's knot –
the back of the knot clearly visible and firmly wedged
inside her cunt! I got that delicious tickling feeling
deep inside my belly again, as I realised that that's
what my cunt must've looked like, when the dog knotted
with me the night before! Christ, how sexy it looked –
and how horny it made me feel!

The ones of dad getting fucked were especially horny –
as I'd never seen anything like that before! I was
surprised how easily he took the dog's cock and knot in
his ass, and loved the ones of him sucking them off
after they'd pulled out of him! Many had mum both
sucking the cum up as it leaked out of dad's ass, and
also of her sucking him off with the dogs still knotted
inside deep him as well!

The next films also turned me on – tremendously!

They were of dad fucking a load of different trannies –
and boy, did they look sexy!

Many more were of him getting fucked by them, and also
of many trannies tossing themselves off into his mouth,
with him doing the same for them!

But I think the very best one, was of dad getting
fucked by a very large cock – whilst on all fours and
fully dressed with makeup and a wig – as a trannie!

The last film was of dad fucking mum – both in the
house and outside somewhere?

But what really surprised me, was them fucking with
another couple, and mum sucking the cum out of the
woman's cunt! Christ! I nearly came on the spot!

There were then some of mum getting gang-banged by 9
guys at some party or something, she taking their cocks
in her mouth and up her cunt.

"So, as you can see... you couldn't shock me by telling
me anything you'd done with anyone or anything!" dad
smiled as the film finished, "Chances are, either me or
your mum have done it before you!"

"Christ, I never realised you and mum were so horny!" I
told him, "And she knew about you being fucked by the
other guys and trannies?"

"Oh yes!" he replied, "In fact it was your mum that
helped me get ready and did my makeup for me, and then
did most of the filming of me with the guys and

"Mmmm, I liked the one with you as a trannie!" I
grinned, "You looked so natural and at ease in those
undies and stuff while that guy fucked you!"

"So I should! I've been a trannie off and on for as
long as I can remember!" he replied, "Mum used to love
me fucking her whilst dressed as a woman! Said I was
her 'special' girlfriend, because I had a little bit
extra! And of course she got some extra cock from the
trannies and other guys I used to bring home when I'd
been out in the car whilst looking for cock with my
special stuff on!"

"Special stuff?" I asked.

"Yeah, sexy undies and a wig!" he replied, "I used to
go out regularly to find other guys that'd fuck me or
let me suck them off whilst I was dressed like a woman!

I remember one night almost getting fucked senseless by
5 guys in the woods as I knelt there in my sexy undies
and took all they had to give me! I was dripping with
come when I got home – a bit like you were last night
when you came in after being fucked by that dog!"

"Was it that noticeable?" I asked him.

"You can't hide the smell of a dog and his cum after
he's just fucked you!" he smiled, "Especially when
there's a river of his cum is still running down your

"Ooops!" I grinned, "Sorry, I didn't realise it was
that bad!"

So, can you guess what dad bought me for my 14th
birthday? Yep, a dog!

He's still with us to this day, and both of us make
regular use of him!

I now get more doggy-cock than ever before – and
eagerly take all the cock and knotting he can give me!
The only trouble is, because he knows he can fuck me or
dad almost every night, whenever I'm 'on' he won't
leave me alone, and is constantly shoving his nose up
my skirt and licking my bleeding cunt! That doesn't
really bother me because I'm ultra horny when I'm 'on'
and could sit on a gatepost and cheerfully impale
myself on the top!

Over the last 3 years or so, I've made good use of my
body as a budding young woman – the nightly
transformation from Faye, the ex-schoolgirl, to Faye,
the slut, amazes myself sometimes! I frequently dress
up in a schoolgirl outfit at Dave's nights out, and
sometimes I dress as sexily as I can, with ultra short
skirts that do little to hide my stocking-tops and
hairy cunt, and see-through blouses that do little to
hide my tits and nipples as well!

Most times when I'm out for sex of an evening, I dress
a little more conservatively and my skirts only just
hide my stocking-tops – something that really turns the
guys on! The slightest movement of my legs results in a
flash of stocking-top and bare thigh, and sometimes my
hairy cunt as well – it all depends on the location,
and why I'm there in the first place! For instance, if
I'm just out shopping in the supermarket, you'd be
lucky if you saw anything out of the ordinary or very
sexy – just a flash of leg in my short skirt. But if
I've gone there because I'm feeling horny, watch out!

I've frequently gone there in a short skirt and
squatted down in front of the shampoo or beauty
products, and flashed my hairy cunt at the guys that
seem to have an uncommon interest in those products,
but are really following me round to see if they can
catch a glimpse of my 'naughty' bits! This is
especially true when I'm 'on' and feeling ultra randy!
I remember giving one guy a good 2 minute's look at my
hairy cunt, with the little white string of my Tampax
dangling from it, as I squatted down to look at
something on the bottom shelf and 'accidentally'
flashed at him!

I plainly saw through the corner of my eye that his
cock was rapidly stiffening, and making a very
noticeable bulge in his jeans! The irony of it was, if
he'd simply asked me if I wanted a fuck, I'd have
willingly gone behind the store with him and he
could've fucked me all day! Another favourite trick of
mine, is to squat down and turn sideways to flash my
exposed cunt at a guy as he's quite a way off, and
innocently walking down the aisle towards me! Funny how
they all stop just a few feet from me to 'study' some
item of mainly feminine interest, on one of the

These last items now describe things that have happened
during my more recent experiences, and maybe some other
odds and ends I've just remembered about.

Intrigued by my dad loving to dress as a woman, I asked
him if he'd like to get his 'special' stuff on so's he
could go out with me one night?

He jumped at the chance – especially when I suggested
that I'd help him with his wig and makeup before we
both went out on the hunt for some cock!

"Have you anywhere in mind for us to go to?" I asked
him as I applied some eye-liner for him as he sat on
his bed in his sexy black undies.

"I'd like to take you on a stroll through the park,
like me and your mum used to do of an evening
sometimes!" he replied, "Not the park you go to – the
nature-trail park!"

"Oh, I know the one – down by the river!" I replied.

I busied myself applying some eye-shadow for him and
felt his hand creeping up my thigh and only stopping
when his finger was buried in my cunt!

"How am I supposed to put your makeup on for you if you
keep fingering me?" I laughed as I drew away from him,
"Sit still and behave! There'll be plenty of time for
that sort of thing later on!"

He grinned and then sat still in his black bra,
matching suspender-belt, and nylons, as I once again
applied his makeup for him.

"Only your lipstick and your wig to do, and then you
can slip into something sexy to go over those undies
you're wearing!" I told him, "Then I'll get myself

"The only thing we'll be wearing over our undies – is a
raincoat!" he smiled.

"A raincoat?" I queried, "Nothing else?"

"Nope – trust me!" he replied.

"Well... okay! You know what you're doing – I guess?" I
replied uncertainly.

Just under 20 minutes later we were driving down
towards the river in the gathering gloom – both of us
wearing nothing only our undies... and our raincoats!

We then parked up and got out of the car with dad
leading the way through the park gates and onto the
path – his long blonde wig flowing behind him.

"Ahhh, this really takes me back!" he breathed as we
'clip-clopped' our way along the path, "And there's
nobody about – so we can have some fun!"

A few seconds later he stopped, and looked back along
the path...

"Okay! Now undo your raincoat and let it flap wide-open
as you walk along!" he told me quietly, "Then – after a
short while, we'll take them off altogether!"

"Oooo! A naked romp in the woods!" I grinned as I
quickly undid my coat.

"A bit more than that, Faye!" he smiled knowingly,
"You'll see!"

We set off once more – our coats flapping open behind
us and showing we were both dressed in nothing more
than our undies, to the world!

"Hey, this feels great, dad!" I grinned, "Really sexy!"

"Mmmm, I know!" he replied, "Think how it is for me!"

I knew immediately what he meant...! Him walking along,
his coat blowing open to completely expose his near
nakedness to the world, and his suspender-framed cock
jutting out lewdly from between his nylon-clad thighs!
Add to that, the fact he was really a man that was
wearing makeup and a wig in a public park, whilst
dressed in nothing more than some women's sexy undies,
and you'll have some idea why doing this turned him on
so much!

"Right, undo your bra and then we'll take off our
coats!" he ordered, "Now you'll really get a buzz!"

I did as he ordered and stood in front of him, my firm
tits totally exposed with the empty cups of my front-
fastening bra now hanging loose and useless by my

We then set off once more with our coats over our arms
– walking along the path in a public park, wearing
nothing other than our sexy undies so's the cool
evening air blew across my naked cunt and tits – the
lewdness and sheer indecency of what we were doing, now
making my nipples hard and erect and giving me a truly
fantastic buzz!

"Christ! This feels fantastic, dad!" I gasped as I felt
my stomach tickling and my cunt rapidly juicing up,
"And if it's turning me on so much, you must feel
bloody ecstatic! I mean, a man walking through a public
park, made up like a woman and wearing a wig, dressed
only in women's undies with your rigid cock jutting out
from between your nylon-clad thighs? It's a wonder
you're not coming already!"

"Oh I will be – in a minute or two!" he grinned.

I was still wondering exactly what he meant by that,
when he told me to stop.

"Get down onto your hands and knees!" he said, "I want
you to suck my cock for me, and then I'm gonna fuck you
from behind, like the bitch in heat that you are –
right here in the middle of the path!"

My stomach immediately turned over, with the sudden
rush of hormones that a rapidly rising orgasm causes as
I realised what he'd just said – but dropped down onto
the tarmac like a randy, cunt-starved, dog!

My hands slid up the sensual silkiness of his nylon-
clad thighs as he fed his rigid cock into my mouth, and
started to toss himself off! Then he pulled out of my
mouth and quickly went round behind me – his fantastic
cock parting my cunt-lips and sliding all the way
inside me before he started slamming it deep inside me!

"Well, what d'you think of having a walk in the park
with a trannie that's now fucking you on the path, like
you were a bitch on heat?" he asked me breathlessly as
he pounded his rigid cock into my squelching cunt.

"Fantastic!" I replied honestly, me fighting hard to
hold back my rapidly approaching orgasm, "Absolutely,
fucking fantastic!"

"Good! Next time we'll bring the dog with us and let
him fuck you in the woods!" he gasped, "We might even
bring some of Dave's friends along, so's they can watch
you getting knotted with him, and then let them join in
with us!"

That did it! I felt the unmistakable surge of sheer
pleasure building up in my belly, and could do nothing
to stop my orgasm blasting through my body as I
imagined the future happening dad had just described!

"I'm coming!" I gasped, as he pounded into me and the
mental pictures of me being knotted in the woods, as a
load of guys stood by and watched us! I then heard dad
moaning, and then felt his cock jerking inside me as he
spurted his cum into me!

My orgasm was so intense, a hundred people could've
walked along that path right then and I wouldn't have
seen them – or cared!

I was in heaven as dad repeatedly rammed his spurting
cock into my willing cunt – his cum leaking out of me
and running down my thighs, to rapidly cool in the
night air!

My body was still shuddering as he laid over my back
and gasped for breath with his cock now shrinking until
it slipped out of me and laid along my gash.

"Christ, it's been a long time since I've been outside
and dressed like this!" he gasped, "But it won't be as
long till next time I do it!"

"Wow! Me neither!" I breathed, "I could really get used
to this 'walking along in my undies' thing – so I'm
sure gonna give it several more tries!"

"Hey, you horny bitch! You've no need to try again!"
dad chuckled, "If you already like it, you're hooked

"D'you know something...? I think you're right!" I

"C'mon you horny bitch, get your ass up here – I want
to take you somewhere else before we go home!" he

We set off along the path, just as we were – with dad's
cum running down my thighs, and him with another hard-
on so's it slapped his nylon-clad thighs as we walked
back to the car and dragged our coats behind us.

"It really turns you on – wearing sexy undies, doesn't
it?" I said on the way back.

"Mmmm, it does actually!" he confessed, "I never
mentioned it to you because I was so embarrassed about
it, and thought you might think I was some sort of

"I know what you mean, dad!" I replied, "I thought
exactly the same about you knowing I'd been fucking
with a dog!"

"Well, now we both know about each other's little
likings, we can do them openly without fear of any
embarrassment!" he smiled.

I squeezed his hand in agreement.

"Where are we going?" I asked as we drove off in the

"I thought I'd take you up to a car park I used to go
to!" he replied, "A lot of the guys that go up there
like to fuck a trannie or be sucked off by one – and if
there's anyone up there, I'm sure they'll jump at the
chance of fucking you as well!"

It took 15 minutes to drive up there – 5 cars already
parked up there when we arrived.

"Now I just briefly flick the interior-light on and off
to let them see who's in the car, and that we're 'open'
for business!" he explained.

It wasn't long before the murky figure of someone
walking round the cars, made their way over and stuck a
hand in through the open window to grab dad's erect

"Mmmm, nice!" the guy said, "Does your girlfriend do a
bit as well?"

"Yeah!" dad replied, "My 'girlfriend' will do whatever
you want!"

He moved round to my side and fondled my tits before
dropping down to slide a finger into my cunt! To give
him better access, I lifted my ass off the seat and he
slid his finger right in and finger-fucked me for a few

"I won't be a minute!" he said quietly, "I'll just go
and tell my mate about you both!"

"Looks like we're gonna get lucky!" dad said as he

A moment later he came back with his mate, and they
both reached into the car.

"Why don't I open the door so's you can have a proper
feel?" I said to the guy that was fondling my tits and
erect nipples, "Then we can do something together if
you like what you see!"

I opened the door and stood up, the guy cupping my tits
before placing my hand on his already exposed cock! I
started to wank him and heard dad telling his guy to
ease his cock into him nice and easy – so I knew he'd
scored at any rate!

About then, my guy turned me round and bent me over
so's I was facing into the car.

Me and dad were now facing each other as we both got a
real good fucking off the two guys – me noticing that
there was another guy now standing behind the one
fucking dad! And it wasn't until the guy fucking me
grunted and came inside me, that I turned and saw there
was a guy behind him – waiting his turn to fuck me!

A few moments later, dad and me both had a couple of
new guys fucking us – both of them soon coming and
spurting their cum into us!

Once they'd finished, they got in their cars and drove
off – leaving just one car parked up beside us. His
door soon opened and the guy stood at dad's open door
with his erect cock in his hand as he asked dad if he'd
suck him off? Dad readily agreed and I was treated to
the rather novel and very erotic sight, of watching my
dad sucking another guy off, and finally swallowing the
guy's cum for him!

"Did you like that?" I asked him as the guy drove off

"Wouldn't you?" he grinned.

"Yeah, I sure would!" I grinned back at him.

"Well, there's only us left!" dad said after we'd
waited for several minutes to see if anyone else drove
up, "How about another fuck outside? It's not every guy
that gets to fuck his own daughter on a deserted car

"No! Especially one that's dressed in women's sexy
undies!" I laughed as I got out.

I laid back against the car as dad eased his rigid cock
into my already cum-soaked cunt, and held him tightly
to me as he started to fuck me.

"I really love you, dad!" I breathed as he thrust into
me and banged my ass against the car-door, "Honestly, I

"And I really love you as well, sweetheart!" he replied
as he stopped fucking me and gave me a kiss on the
lips, "And I always will!"

I held him tightly to me once more as he slid his
beautiful cock in and out of me once more, and I humped
my hips at his thrusting knob-end – a knob-end that was
soon going to be spurting a thick and heavy load of my
dad's cum, deep inside me!

And it soon did! I was soon bouncing on dad's jerking
cock as it spat his thick and creamy spunk deep inside
my cunt – me clinging hard onto him!

"Christ, that was a good one!" he gasped breathlessly
as he forced the last few drops of cum from his
shrinking cock, "But we can't take my little baby back
home all messy and full of her daddy's cum – can we?"

As I stood there in front of him with my legs splayed
wide apart, my dad slowly sank down between them and
clamped his mouth over my cunt-lips – sucking out and
swallowing not only his own cum, but that of the 2
other guys as well!

"There!" he finally said as he stood up, "You're nice
and clean!"

"You're fucking... fantastic, dad!" I said, surprising
myself by suddenly bursting into tears and clinging
onto him.

"Hey, that's what dads are for – being fucking
fantastic!" he replied, "Now come on, let's get you
safely home!"

The following day, he told me he'd rung Dave, and that
Dave would try to fix up a load of guys for our little
trip into the woods with our dog.

"I know a place where we should be okay!" dad told me,
"It's about 50 yards from the path, but we'll be okay
if we're reasonably quiet."

"Mmmm, I'm really looking forward to it!" I said
excitedly, "Getting fucked by a dog, with all those
guys watching and then joining in – wow!"

"I told you how you'd want more doggy-cock after you'd
been fucked by one!" he grinned, "Your mother was
exactly the same way!"

"Mmmm, I can sure understand why!" I smiled knowingly,
"And you can as well!"

The earliest Dave could get a load of guys together,
was for the following Saturday night, so until then, me
and dad just had to 'practice' with our horny mutt,

"Christ! I've just realised something, dad!" I said
over lunch on Friday, "I think I'm due to come 'on'

"Well that'll still be okay!" dad replied, "You being
'on' shouldn't upset our plans! You know how horny you
get then, and I think Jason will find it great! To him
you'll smell like a bitch in heat, and he'll really
want to fuck the hell out of you!"

"Mmmm, you're right!" I smiled, "In that case, I hope I
do come 'on' tomorrow!"

Saturday came, and as I sat at my dressing table to
apply mine and dad's makeup, I'd a little white string
dangling from my itching cunt – a Tampax string!

Both of us had chosen to wear a basque to protect our
sides from Jason's claws as he mounted us – the scars
on my sides having faded to almost nothing now!

We set off with Jason and drove to the park to meet

He was going to send the guys along the path in small
groups so as not to arouse any suspicions from passers-
by, and I was to wait for them on the path and direct
them to where dad was waiting, deep in the woods for
them, with Jason. Once the last batch met me, I'd go
with them and Dave into the woods to meet up with the
rest of them.

Most had either palm-corders or cameras to record the
evening's events, and all of them had agreed to supply
us with a disc of what they'd recorded.

The place dad had picked was perfect for what we had in
mind! It was over a slight rise and in a hollow –
totally hidden from the path by the bushes and trees,
and the lights from the cameras being hidden by us
being behind the rise and in the hollow!

I counted 24 men, 4 women, and 4 very convincing
trannies in the party – the 3 women no doubt seeing for
themselves what it was like to be fucked and then
knotted with a dog, before they tried it out

"Right gang!" Dave announced, "All we ask is that you
keep the noise down to an absolute minimum, to avoid us
being discovered! Take as many pictures and recordings
as you want, and remember, the actual fuck happens
fairly quickly, but the knotting lasts about 20 or 30
minutes! So if you want some close-ups or anything like
that, please ask Bill or Faye to assist you, so's you
don't startle the dog!

"I'm sure you'll realise the serious damage that could
be caused to anyone that was actually knotted with the
dog, if you flashed a camera right in his face, and he
tried to run off! And we don't want to explain injuries
like that, down at the local A&E! Bill and Faye will be
fucked first by the dog, and then if any of the ladies
would later like to be fucked by Jason – providing he's
okay for another fuck – they can be fucked by him
tonight, or at a later time arranged with Bill!

"Okay, we're nearly ready, so let's all enjoy ourselves
– quietly and safely!"

So I was going to go first, and then as Jason
recovered, anyone that wanted to fuck me could do! Then
dad was going to be fucked by Jason, and after he'd
finished with Jason, anyone that wanted to fuck him
could do so!

I went to one end of the hollow and slowly stripped
down to my undies – dad stopping at the other end with
Jason. I then got down on all fours and gave everyone a
good chance to take some photos or some film of me
kneeling there, waiting for my canine lover with my
little white string still dangling from my exposed

Dad was then going to lead Jason up to me, remove my
Tampax for me, then let him mount me and fuck me, and
also do whatever he could so's the guys could get some
good shots of us when he knotted deep inside me!

After about 5 minutes the guys had taken all the snaps
they wanted and dad led Jason up to me before squatting
down and teasing my Tampax from my cunt. He unleashed
Jason and stood back as I felt the dog's long tongue
probing deep inside my cunt!

He was quickly getting excited and half-trying to mount
me – then deciding on giving me another good licking
before quickly jumping up and wrapping his paws round
my waist – the pointed tip of his pink cock finally
finding it's mark between my cunt-lips before he rammed
it deep inside me!

There was a hushed murmur of excitement and flashes of
the cameras as he rammed into me, dad obliging the guys
by moving Jason's tail to one side so's they could
photograph and film him ramming his rapidly swelling
cock and knot into me!

The scent of my cunt-blood that was smeared round my
cunt must've really turned old Jason on, because he
really went to town, fucking his swelling cock and knot
into me!

My whole body was rocking back and forth with his
powerful thrusts into me, and he was dancing around
between my legs as he almost seemed to want to climb
onto me in an effort to cram more of his already
bloated cock into me!

"He's knotted in me!" I gasped, as I steadied myself
against his powerful onslaught.

The guys went wild and all gathered round to see what
must've been a woman on her hands and knees, soundly
knotted with a dog, for the first time in their lives!

"I can feel his cock jerking hard inside me as he's
spurting his cum into me!" I announced, "If you watch
carefully, you'll see that he'll fill my cunt with cum,
and then it'll actually ooze past his knot and my cunt-
walls, to run down my legs!"

"Yeah, I can see it!" someone gasped excitedly, "There,
look at how much there is!"

By now, Jason had stopped thrusting and laid on my back
– panting heavily as his massive cock and knot jerked
and throbbed deep inside my cunt!

"Christ! I think I can see the back of his knot...
there... look!" someone gasped.

"Yeah... it's so big it's stretching Faye's cunt-lips
and making her cunt really bulge!" someone else gasped
excitedly, "God, look at the fucking size of it!"

"She's not gonna get that out of her cunt – not until
it shrinks a bit, anyway!" I heard another saying,
"It's rip her apart, if he had to pull out of her cunt
right now!"

"Well as you can see – we're firmly knotted!" I
announced, "And he's gonna stay like that and spurt his
cum into me for the next half hour or so – so that
gives anyone that wants to, time for me to suck them
off! Then you'll not only be able to film him pulling
out of me and how much cum floods out of me, you'll see
how much he's stretched my cunt, and be able to see
right up inside me before my cunt-lips start to shrink
back to their normal size!"

"What does it actually feel like, right now?" one of
the women asked, "Does it hurt?"

"It feel absolutely fantastic and I'm fighting back an
orgasm – one of those orgasms that come out of nowhere
and slap you in the face!" I told her, "But to answer
your question, no, it doesn't hurt at all! The most
unpleasant thing you'd ever feel, was a bit of
discomfort as his knot swelled and stretched your cunt-
walls and that soon goes as you adjust to the bulk of
his knot and length of his cock!"

"But isn't he heavy – lying on your back like that?"
another queried further.

"Normally, he'd throw his leg over me and then turn
round so's we're ass-to-ass!" I explained, "But because
he isn't heavy, and because the guys will be able to
get better pictures of us knotted, I'm holding onto him
to stop him from doing that. It's only for about 30
minutes, then his knot will start to shrink and I'll
let him pull out of me, but hold onto him so's I can
lie underneath him and suck his cock for him!"

"You're gonna actually suck him off?" another asked in

"Oh yeah!" I replied, "While I'm doing that, I usually
get another good fucking off my dad – and you'll be
able to see just how big his cock and knot really are!"

"When you say 'suck him off' you mean he'll still be
coming?" the last one asked.

"Spurting like hell!" I replied, "Perhaps you'll make
your minds up then, whether or not any of you want to
be fucked by him at our place? Arrange it with dad if
you do!"

Any more questions from the women were abruptly halted
when a guy knelt down at my head and offered me his
erect cock to suck for him. And as the guy thrust his
cock back and forth in my mouth, I moved my stance,
then felt a dollop of Jason's thick and creamy cum
oozing out of me and slithering down my nylon-clad
thighs to soak into my stocking-tops – the guys
furiously snapping away to record the erotic sight!

With Jason still firmly locked inside me, I sucked off
another 7 guys and then felt him wanting to pull out of

"You'd all better get your cameras ready!" I warned
them, "He's gonna be pulling out of me in a minute and
I'll have to move fast to roll over and catch hold of
him so's I can suck him off! If any of you want to fuck
me then – go right ahead!"

Dad quickly arranged the guys in a semi-circle behind
me, so's they didn't all crowd round and so they could
all get some good shots of Jason pulling out of my

As he tugged and more of his cum escaped, I suddenly
felt him starting to slide out of me and shouted to the
guys! With a delicious 'slurping' sound, he pulled free
from me and I grabbed his cock behind his knot and
rolled onto my back with my legs splayed wide open.
This gave the guys ample time for some of those
'special' shots, and some more as I held his cock over
my face before slowly opening my mouth and sucking the
still spurting cock into it! There were several
comments made about the massive size of Jason's cock
and knot – mainly from the 4 women who were thinking of
trying their first ever dog-fuck sometime soon and I
was acutely aware that the video cameras were recording
my every move, and was grateful when someone got
between my legs and started to fuck me – my dad!

As I sucked and slurped on the throbbing cock in my
mouth, dad humped me for all he was worth – every
thrust into me and his eventual orgasm, recorded by the

I then laid back with my arms on the ground to show
everyone that Jason was content for me to suck him, and
that I wasn't making him do anything he didn't want to

Then he simply wandered away after a few minutes, and
sat down to lick his cock, as the guys focused once
more on my gaping cunt and the cum that flowed from it!

It was half-an-hour later when Jason had rested enough
to finally mount dad and fuck him – the 4 women all
saying that if a guy could take Jason's cock and knot
in his ass, they should easily be able to take it in
their cunts!

Over the next 4 weeks we had each of them and their
husbands round at our place, all the women doing
exactly that – and now regularly getting fucked by a
their own dogs!



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