Janine Fantasy

After several months of finding individual strangers to have sex with, Janine and I decided that we wanted more than one man or woman to fuck us. Janine told me that she had a fantasy about fucking several men and then having several more cum all over her as one big dick filled her pussy with hot cum. I wanted a woman riding my dick and one on my face at the same time and then a double, or more, blowjob. We were never going to find all that they way we were going.
We took some time and searched the internet. To our delight there were several sex clubs within easy driving distance. Now we had to decide whether we wanted a large club that meets in a hotel or a small one that meets in member homes. All of our research had made us horny so we decided to fuck on our decision. With that we were off to bed.
After Janine had two hard cums she climbed on

top of me and rode me slowly. I took a big tit in each hand and kneaded them while playing with her hard nipples.
Janine stopped moving and I looked at her face. She smiled down at me and said, "A small club with only six to ten couples won't be enough men to give me what I want unless they can recover really fast. I think we should try a large club."
Thinking about her fantasy I knew that she was right. She wanted to fuck as many men as possible and then have several men jack off and shoot their cum all over her while the last dick was still in her well-fucked pussy. That meant that in a small club, she would have to have all the men who were there and that probably would not happen. On the other hand, at a large club we could easily find enough men to complete her fantasy. We agreed on that and she started her hips moving again.
Janine came two more times before lifting her satisfied pussy off my dick and moving down to suck me to climax. Her long tongue licked at my balls and beyond as she took me deep in her hot mouth. Soon I felt that tingle in my balls and told her that I was ready to cum. Her tongue flashed around the head of my cock and I quickly gave her what she wanted. Hot, creamy cum flooded her mouth as she sucked and swallowed. She kept sucking and licking until I was completely satisfied and my balls empty. Letting my dick slowly slip from her lips she moved over me and kissed me and gave me a small portion of my cum to taste.
We made contact with one large club and several days later we received an invitation to join a club meeting in a neighboring city. We were required to attend a pre-party meeting where all the rules would be explained and we would have to assure them that we would not get upset if our partner had sex with another person. That part made us laugh after all the other men and women we had watched each other fuck and suck.
At 5:30 on the dot we knocked on the door of the hotel room designated as the office for the sex club. A female voice called for us to come in. That voice belonged to a very attractive 50ish woman who introduced herself as Ellen; the woman we had corresponded with.
The rules were pretty simple. Sex was by consent only; there were private rooms; fetish rooms; and a large group room where we would find many people engaged in all kinds of sexual activity. We were free to explore all the rooms and join in whenever and wherever we wanted to.
Ellen began to explain the clubs thoughts about new members and the fact that some people could not handle the fact that their wife/girlfriend, husband/boy friend, was having sex with strangers. At that point I stopped her and assured her that this would not be the first time Janine and I had watch as the other fucked or sucked someone else. When we explained some of the things we had done Ellen relaxed. We told her what Janine wanted to do and she suggested the group room. She added that she would help Janine line up the required number of men for her fantasy fuck and cum bath.
Next she smiled at me and asked what I wanted for the evening. How many women would I want to fuck and what types. I told her that I could probably handle four over the course of the evening and really liked to eat pussy and at least once, fuck a woman while Janine sat on her face and had her pussy licked. I saw Ellen's eyes widen as she turned to Janine and said, "So you are bi-sexual then." When Janine confirmed that fact Ellen smiled and said that she liked to welcome new members personally and asked if we found her attractive. With that she stood and move between us. She smiled at me as her hand slid over my crotch. Then she turned to Janine and lifted her face. Janine leaned down and kissed her as both sets of hands began to explore the other's body.
After a few minutes of kissing and groping each other the women moved to the bed and stripped off their clothes. Ellen had a nice trim body and soon found Janine's long tongue deep in her hot pussy. That long tongue soon sent the older woman over the edge and she screamed into a hard climax. They switched places and Ellen began licking and fingering Janine. When her probing fingers fond the g-spot, Janine roared out one of her classic cums that lifted her body off the bed.
When all was calm, Ellen looked at me and said that it was time for me to fuck her. I quickly stripped and found her dripping pussy with my throbbing cock. As I stroked into her, Janine lowered her pussy to Ellen's face for more talented licking. Ellen's pussy was also talented as she milked my dick on every stroke. I felt her shuddering just before she moaned into Janine's wet pussy. She came in a long series of convulsions. I felt that I could get her off one more time before cumming in that sweet pussy so I kept on stroking. Janine was the next one to cum and as she ground her wet pussy into Ellen's face Ellen came again. That was enough to set me off and I drove hard into her cunt and let my balls empty deep inside her clutching pussy. When we were all finished we re-dressed and I thought that this was a great way to join a club.
Ellen gave us a quick tour so we would know where to find what we wanted. Were looked into rooms where men and women were fucking, others where women were doing each other, one for men to suck each other and one for bi-sexual activities. Last on the tour was the group room where everything might happen. This was for those who liked to watch and be watched while engaged in all types of sexual behavior. She asked Janine if she was ready for her fantasy. When Janine said yes, Ellen began calling men's names and waving for them to follow us. Sensing a show, other men and some women followed also.
Janine was asked how many men she thought she could fuck and how many she wanted to jack off on her in the end. She shrugged her shoulders and said that six each should satisfy her fantasy. Twelve men were selected and Ellen asked if Janine had any preference as to which ones fucked her. Not knowing any of them Janine told Ellen to pick them.
As Ellen selected the fuckers and jackers Janine stripped and lay down on a large, low bed. I heard Ellen tell the men to line up and explained that when the last one was about to cum, Janine wanted the others to shoot hot cum all over her. With that the first man dropped between Janine��s legs and showed her his very impressive hard-on. As he rubbed the large head between her wet pussy lips he asked if she was ready. "Stick it in." She said through a big grin.
We all watched as that big cock slowly sunk into Janine's hot pussy. He put it all in her and slowly pulled it back out until just the head was touching her open pussy. He stroke like that for a few moments and then set his rhythm. Janine was enjoying that big dick as her hips lifted to meet his thrust. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and drove hard into her as he pulled at her big tits. Janine looked at me and grinned just before she started to cum. She came so hard that all the man could do was hold on and not pull out of her milking pussy. Just as he was able to start stroking again he moaned that he was going to cum. With that he drove hard into her and grunted. I watched Janine's face and from her smile I knew that this guy had just given her a good load of hot cum. His hips jerked several more times as more hot cum shot into my girl friend's cunt. Each additional spurt brought another quick smile to her face.
As the first man pulled out and stood, he half whispered, "Damn that was good." Before he could move any further, a woman who later proved to be his wife, bent down and sucked the combined juices off his cock.
Number two moved between Janine's legs without a word. The swollen head of his dick pressed into her pussy and he started his stroking, fast and hard. We all watched as Janine's big tits bounced and jiggled as this new cock pounded into her. Her ass lifted to take each savage thrust of this new dick. We could hear his big balls slapping against her ass as he filled her hot cunt with his big meat. There was no finesse in this act, just raw fucking. After a few minutes he growled that he was ready to cum. His hips became almost a blur as he banged into her. With a loud groan he drove into her and held as his balls pumped shot after shot of hot cum into Janine's pussy. At that point Janine screamed and thrust her body upward as she shuddered and jerked in orgasmic pleasure. When they both had finished he pulled out and the same woman sucked the cum from his cock. I laughed to myself and thought that this was a service-oriented club.
The third man wanted his pussy doggy style so Janine got on her hands and knees and waited for her fourth fuck of the evening. Again I saw that Ellen had picked large cocks for Janine's pleasure. Not horse cocks but fairly fat and long. Janine reached between her legs and guided this new cock to her overflowing cunt and thrust her ass back to take it all in one move. When he was certain of his position this guy reached around and grabbed both of Janine's tits and pulled hard as he rammed into her. He pulled at the large nipples and stretched them as his cock pounded into her pussy. Janine placed her finger on her clit and started to rub as this new cock slammed and banged her pussy. This was one of the hardest fucks she had ever had but she urged him on by telling him to give it to her and fuck me hard. Then she demanded that he give her his cum. Like many men, when a woman says that she wants your cum it triggers something and soon after the cum shoots. With a hard pull on her tits he drove his big cock into her and grunted with each surge of his creamy cum. Janine screamed again and came as her pussy was filled to overflowing with a strangers cum. I watched to see if this man had his cock cleaned by the duty cleaner. Not a problem. She bent and sucked his cock and swallowed the mixed cum that she had found there.
As Janine rolled to her back for the fourth cock we could see massive amounts of cum draining from her open pussy. The new man gently sucked at her nipples for a moment while his cock rubbed against her pussy. Then he slowly slid into her. He was more gentle that the last two and fucked her with a slow rhythm for several minutes. Janine smiled at me to let me know that she was enjoying all of this hot meat. As the hot pussy on his dick began to feel better the man increased his speed until he was ready. He asked Janine if she was ready for a big load of cum. "Give it to me." she replied. Three strokes later he did just that. As his ass muscles contracted Janine's eyes opened in surprise at the amount of hot cum that was being forced into her pussy. She came again as his balls were emptied deep inside of her. As he pulled out Janine told him that she wanted to suck him sometime to really see how much cum he had. As he left the bed his dick was also sucked clean.
Number five was a repeat of four but without the large amount of cum. Then it was the last man in line. Ellen told the men who were to jack off to get ready. The man moved into position and we all saw his cock. I wasn't sure that Janine could take that one in her pussy. As he pressed the head to her pussy, cum from the other men was forced out. Streams of cum ran around his big cock as it slowly filled Janine's pussy to the limit. When he was completely in her started to stroke with long slow movements. Ellen arranged the six other men around Janine and told them to try and cum as the man fucking her did. I watched as a very large dick slid in and out of Janine and six other cocks were being stroked over her. She was getting her fantasy and with a very large audience. That was when I realized that there were several women crouching around the bed. As the big dick in her pussy roared that he was cumming, those standing over Janine groaned and grunted. The one in her pussy bucked and jerked as his balls let go and flooded her pussy again. As the first stream of hot cum landed on her tits Janine screamed and came again. Within seconds the remaining men grunted, screamed and moaned as their balls added to the cum bath. Janine had hot cum from her forehead to her pussy with a large amount on her tits.
As the last drops of cum fell to her skin the women that I had noted around the bed moved as one and began to lick the white cream from her body. Hot tongues flashed across her from head to pussy, sucking up cum and cleaning Janine of all evidence that she had just lived her fantasy. When her skin was clear of cum a woman was still licking at her pussy. She was pulling cum out with her fingers as she licked. It was enough for Janine to cum one last time before saying that she was fucked out.
Ellen provided a warm washcloth and a towel for Janine to clean up a bit more before we helped her to the bar for a drink and some rest.
As we sipped our drinks, people came by to say how much they had enjoyed watching and participating in Janine��s fantasy. Janine was still naked and many hands slid over her hot body and a few over me. We let them feel us up without complaint. Several indicated that they would like to be in the next fuck-fest and many said that they wanted some of my hard cock.
As far as my sexual activities for the evening, that is another story. Suffice it to say that I got all that I wanted and then some.
Janine and I are now regular members of the club and are fucking and sucking our way through the membership list.
Life is good.



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