Benefit of A Friend

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. It was my the beginning of my freshman year in high school that i met and started dating Robin, my high school sweetheart. We dated for three years and were crazy about each other. However, my dad's job forced me to move away the summer before my senior year to Vermont. Robin and I decided not to pursue a long distance relationship and decided to stay very close friends.
Well, Robin and I stayed in contact, oftenly talking on the phone for hours at a time. Although the "relationship" was over, we still had undeniable feelings for each other. About two months after I moved away I drove back to my hometown for the weekend. My parents decided to rent an apartment for me to stay at during college when I returned to NYC for school. When i got into town I called Robin. She only had one question, "When could you come over and hang out with me?

About twenty minutes later I pulled into her driveway. She was waiting for me on the front porch of her parents' brownstone in Bed Stuy Brooklyn. Before I got a "hello" out of my mouth she sprinted over to my truck and leaped into my arms, nearly knocking me to the ground. She told me she missed me more than i could ever imagine. I told her, "Well can we at least go inside, I'm starving..." once inside she threw a frozen pizza in the oven and told me it would be about ten minutes.
Well, twenty minutes and an entire pizza later i told her,"Thanks, I'm stuffed." So we moved to the living room and she flipped on the TV and started flipping around. She handed me the remote and told me she was gonna go jump in the shower and change and I could just find something on to watch. Well about forty five minutes later, she walked back down the stairs from her room to the living room. She had changed into her short denim skirt (a personal favorite of mine) and a small white tank top.
She strutted over to the couch and sat on my lap. She told me once again how much she missed me. I told her I missed her just as much. She leaned over my shoulder and wispered in my ear, "Friends with benefits?" She snickered as she saw the grin creep across my face. She told me that her parents were home, so we needed to find another place to "hang out." Well she ran down the hall to her parents room and told them we were heading out to a movie and she was staying at her friend, Britney's house.
As I walked her out to my truck I walked around and opened her door and helped her in (an old habit from dating her so long). However i noticed something was different this time. As she climbed form the side step of my cab into the seat, I caught a glimpse of the bottom of her ass, up her skirt. As i cranked the truck she called her friend Brittany and told her to cover for her and make sure her parents thought she was staying with her.
As we pulled up to my apartment complex Robin pulled up the middle armrest in my truck, slid over and whispered in my ear, "I know you love this skirt...and oh yeah, I'm not wearing any underwear." She must have known how crazy this drove me because she giggled. I turned to face her as I turned off my truck. For the first time in months I kissed her. I thought to myself,"Man i missed her!"
AS we ran up the stairs to my apartment on the second floor i caught another glimpse up her skirt, and she wasn't lying. She was panty-free.
As we entered my apartment, i turned to lock the door and as i turned back around she pinned me against the door. She smoothly, passionately french kissed me. In a common move of mine i slid my hands down her back to her ass. I then proceeded to lift her up as she wrapped her legs around my torso, continuing to make out with me.
I carried her like this back to my bedroom. She pulled away from me mouth and kissed down my neck and back up and laid one final kiss on my cheek and looked me in the eyes and said, "I want you to make love to me." although we dated for three years, she was a still virgin. Over the three years we had fooled around, including me sucking her tits quite oftenly.
I laid her on her back on the bed and pulled my shirt over my head as she sat up and pulled hers off as well. She laid back as i eased down onto the bed next to her. I slid my hand down her shoulder over her bra and stomach and brought it to rest on her inner thigh. She placed hers on top of it and slid it up her skirt. I moved my hand around to the back and squeezed her bare ass. She slwoly unzipped her skirt and slid it down and threw it off the bed. I manuvered up her back and unhooked her bra, revealing her beautiful 34D tits. During our sessions of fooling around i had eaten her out before, but this time she obviously wanted more. She told me, "I'm already wet, i just want you so bad right now". She rolled on top of me and un buttoned and unzipped my pants. She rolled off just long enough for me to shed my jeans.
She slid down and took my 10 inch cock in her hand and slowly licked up and down the side of my shaft. She proceeded to work the head of my member. She began bobbing her head up and down along my cock faster and faster. As she worked my dick with her mouth and left hand she fondled my balls with her right.
About five or ten minutes later i asked her, "Do you want me inside you now?"
All she could do was grin as she moved to the edge of the bed, where i then slid between her legs and told her i loved her as she took my shaft in her hand and guided me into her tight, virgin pussy. I couldn't believe how amazing her tight warm pussy felt around me.
I slid my hand up her stomach to her breast and fondled her nipple as i began pumping slowly. She began rotating her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. A few minutes later, she told me, "Okay its all your's..." I looked into her eyes and all my fellings for her strongly resurfaced. I began speeding up my pumps. Her moans grew more and more intense. She bit her lip and squeezed her tits, playing with her nipples. She looked up and said, "My turn..." as she grabbed my hips and rolled over, putting herself on top. Although my thrusts paused momentarily she let out a deep, laud, sensual moan. She brushed her brown hair back around her shoulders, giving me a perfect view of her amzing chest.

She began lifting herself up and down, pumping my cock in and out of her tight twat. Just then she stopped lifting and just grinded her hips back and forth. Well i felt climax draw near, so i told Robin, "I about to cum, where do you want it. She rolled off of me and said, "All over my tits..." i stradled her torso and she reached up and began pumping my cock with both hands. Moments later i felt my head swell in her hand and i unleashed my load all over her beautiful tits. As i finished cumming she leaned up and slowly licked the remaining cum from the head of my member and wiped the cum off of her chest and licked it off her fingers.
As she walked out of the room she hollered, "I'm gonna jump in the shower."
I threw on a pair of gym shorts as i heard the shower come to life. I brought her a clean towel from my laundry room and she giggled as she noticed me staring at her bare ass as she bathed. She looked over her shoulder and said sensually, "I have a surprise for you." I walked out into the living room and plopped onto the couch. She came waltzing down the hall in her towel. She was carrying her purse though. I could tell she had planned on this being a special night as she pulled some lube out and tossed it onto the couch next to me and said, "so you like my ass huh?"
She dropped the towel and walked around in front of me and said, "Bend me over big boy." I stood up as my erection reemerged. She opened the lube and applied it to my throbbing dick. She walked over to the recliner and said,"I'm ready," as she bent over.
I walked over and grabbed two handfuls of her amazing behind. Then i spread her cheeks and slowly drove my cock into her ass. She moaned in pleasure. I pumped slowly in and out of her tight ass. She moaned faster and faster. She told me i could go harder. I thrusted harder and harder and she kept moaning. I leaned forward as i pumped and cupped her breasts and said,"You want me to fuck you as hard as I can?" She moaned deeply, "Oh yes, oh yes..."
I kissed her on the shoulder and went to work. I pounded her hot ass as hard and as fast as i could, as she fingered her pussy. Her moaning grew very intense. She climaxed and her body shuddered. She looked over her shoulder and told me, "I'll finish you off baby."
She turned around and got to her knees. Again she gave me head, this time with more intensity. She bobbed her head up and down my dick furiously. This time she began deepthroating me. She took only 8 inches down and loved every second of it. I felt another climax approaching, and i informed her. She responded with a simple, "MMM-Hmm" with my dick in her mouth. I felt my member swell again and Robin deep throated me again. I released my load down her throat. She didn't even gag. "What an amazing girl..." i thought to myself.
Shw swallowed all of my cum and stood up with her smile beaming. I reached around her and picked her up by the ass again. I carried her down the hall and we fell onto the bed in one another's arms.
I awoke with her still in my arms. She woke shortly after i did. She leaned closer and i kissed her long and passionately. She smiled and said once again,
"Friends with benefits..."



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