Best Friends

Susan and Heather had been best friends
since the first day of high school. Four years later
they crammed for finals as they had always done,
late night study sessions that found one or the other
sharing the same bed as it became too late to head
home. A water main break at the school had given
them an unexpected day off and both were more
than happy to sleep in as everyone else in Heather's
family left for

their respective schools and jobs.

Heather woke up first. She lightly rubbed
her eyes as she watched her friend sleep. Susan's
nightshirt had crept above her waist and as she lay
still, Heather fixed her eyes on the cotton print
panties that Susan was wearing. They seemed to be
a little tight and she could clearly make out the
outline of her friends crotch. She wasn't sure why
she was getting a strange feeling looking at another
girl. It was the same feeling she got just before she
played with herself.

As she looked at Susan, she placed a hand in
her own panties and started to massage her little
bud. This had always brought her pleasure but this
would be the first time she had done it when she
wasn't alone. As she circled her clit with her finger,
she admired her friends body. Susan was very cute;
short red hair, bright green eyes. Heather wondered
if Susan ever played with herself like she was doing
now. They had talked about lots of intimate things,
but never that.

Soon an overwhelming urge came upon Heather
to touch her friend on that special spot. Even though
she didn't know how Susan would react, she felt
compelled to take the chance. Pretending to be asleep
so she could claim it wasn't intentional, Heather
allowed her hand to come to rest on the mattress next
to Susan's crotch. After it had been there a minute
without any adverse consequences, she allowed it to
brush against her cotton panties. Little by little
she became braver, sure that Susan wouldn't wake up
screaming or worse.

Susan had lay awake, one eyes barely opened,
concealed by her hair. She watched as Heather with
her hand in her panties had played with herself. She
was relieved to know that she wasn't the only girl
that did that, maybe it wasn't so bad after all. She
found herself wishing Heather had actually lowered
her pajamas before doing it so that she could've had
a better view of what she was doing.

When Heather had suddenly stopped
masturbating, Susan was afraid that maybe she had
sensed that she was awake and Susan had closed her
eyes tightly. But when she felt Heather's hand make
contact between her legs, she knew that hadn't been
the case. A little shiver of excitement trickled
through Susan's body as that first touch was felt.
That was the first time anyone had ever touched her
there. She wasn't expecting it from another girl, but
right now that really didn't matter. She was excited
from watching Heather and that overcame any sense
of wrong doing. Besides, she could just lay there
and pretend to be asleep and see what happened.

Heather's touch was very light and casual in
the beginning. But as time went on and Susan didn't
awaken and protest, her touch got more aggressive
and deliberate. She had already caused a wet spot
to appear on Susan's panties and now she was so
excited that she didn't care if Susan now woke up.
Bravely, with one hand she lifted up the waistband
of Susan's panties and held them up while she slid
the other hand beneath them. She brushed her hand
over the soft, tiny patch of sprouting pubic hair and
found her friends moist hole with one finger. After
slightly inserting it, she commenced a circular
motion around the girl's clit with her thumb.

Susan was sure she couldn't pretend to be
asleep much longer. The tingles of electricity that
she had felt now turned to bolts of electricity as
Heather's finger toyed at the entrance to her cunt.
Slowly, instinctively, she began to rotate her hips in
a circular motion in response to Heather's continuing
massage of her clit. Sensing that her pretending to
be asleep now served no purpose except to diminish
her enjoyment of this new experience, Susan opened
her eyes, smiled at Heather and said softly,
"Umm...that really feels good."

"I'm glad you like it. I wasn't sure you
would. I don't know why I started doing it, but I
just wanted to."

Susan responded by pulling her panties off
and spreading her legs apart to give Heather more
freedom between her legs and a sort of unspoken
permission to proceed. Heather buried a finger in
Susan's cunt-lips and started pumping in and out.

Susan, discarding her charade of being a
passive participant, reached inside Heather's pajama
bottoms. Heather wasn't wearing panties. She
found the moist slit with her finger and commenced
giving Heather the same type of pleasure that she'd
been receiving.

"The only thing that would make this better
is if we had a boy here with us," said Susan.

"Like really." Heather replied. "Except the
boys I know would blab all over school. Or you
could wind up like Mary Johnson...pregnant!"

" ever done it with a boy?"
Susan asked.

"No. Almost did but my mom came home
early and messed everything up. Have you?

"No, but there are times when I really want
to. I just want to know what it feels like...I mean
you're making me feel better than anything I've ever
done so far." replied Susan.

Suddenly Heather stopped. "You wait right
here. Don't move," She ordered as she jumped up
from the bed, went to the dresser and reached way
behind a drawer. Carrying something white and
folded into the bathroom, she told Susan she'd be
right back.

Five minutes seemed like an eternity for
Susan until the bathroom door opened and Susan
received the second biggest surprise of the morning.

Heather had slicked back her already short
brown hair, parted it on the side and had it combed
in a boy's style. She was wearing a t shirt and a pair
of boy's jockey shorts. Her big brown eyes gave
here the look of a young boy that could've been her
twin. Sensing the question on her friend's face,
Heather explained. " These used to be my brothers.
I rescued them before Mom threw them out.
Sometimes I sleep in them , it turns me on."

"Wow!" Susan exclaimed as she looked at
her friend in amazement. If she hadn't known better,
she would swear she was looking at a young boy in
his underwear. She felt her cunt really start to itch
as she admired her friend's ingenuity.

"And thats not all." Heather said as she
pulled her jockey shorts down in the front and
revealed about five inches of a double-headed dildo
protruding from her cunt lips, the other half buried
deeply in her hole. "I never thought I'd get to use
both sides of this at once, but if you're as hot as I
am, we both need to do it now!"

As she walked over to the bed, holding the
thing to keep it from shooting out between her legs,
Susan reached out to touch it and examine the
device. It was made of a soft, and slightly rigid
vinyl. The head was just like the drawings she had
seen in her sex-ed book, and she could imagine that
it was probably pretty close to the real thing in size
and shape.

"Where did you ever get that?" Susan asked.

"That you'll never believe?" Heather said.
"Do you remember when my Aunt Amanda passed
away last summer and I had to go clean out her
apartment. Well, I found this in her stuff, buried in
the back of her closest."

A mental image of Heather's Aunt passed
though Susan's mind. Amanda had been 52 with the
body of a much younger woman. To Susan's
surprise, the image she formed was naked with the
dildo hanging as it now hung from Heather.

"I guess if we can't have a boy, this is the
next best thing." Heather said, bringing Susan's
attention fully back to her.

Susan was a little apprehensive about
allowing the thing up her cunt. She had put things
up there before, but she had always been in control.
But her fear subsided as her friend reassured her,
"It's okay. You'll feel great when its inside you."

With that, Heather removed the dildo from
inside her and turned it around, placing the head that
had been in her cunt, now slippery wet, over the
opening to her friends hole. The lubricant on the
head of the plastic dick caused it to pop in with a
minimum of resistance. Susan lay on her back with
her legs spread obscenely, her knees resting against
the bidding little mounds on her chest as Heather
worked the cock in and out of her to get he adjusted
to it. When she felt that it was properly in and not
going to be painful for Susan, she positioned herself
between Susan's spread legs. Once again she pulled
down the front of the jockey shorts she was wearing
and expertly inserted the other half of the dildo in
her own cunt.

Slightly she pumped her hips, allowing the
dick to sink first into her hole and then Susan's.
Susan was still spread with her hands behind her
knees, holding herself open, afraid to resist in the
least. Soon both girls were pumping their hips in
opposite rhythms until the cock was completely
swallowed between their two cunts. Their pussies
were rubbing together as Heather humped Susan,
continuing the role of the boy. Susan, now engulfed
in lustful abandon, wrapped her legs tightly around
Heather, digging her heels into her friends pumping

"Fuck me!" Susan cried to her "boy/girl"
lover,"Bury that cock of yours in me all the way!"

As Heather pumped and her cunt tightened,
Susan moaned. Heather pushed the slippery dildo
all the way into Susan's cunt. As Susan pumped
back, Heather could feel the thing thrust against the
back of her own hole. The girls had the dick so
deeply buried into them selves that their clits were
rubbing together and it didn't take long until both
girls shuddered into estacy, juices flowing from
their cunts and down the crack of Susan's ass.

The girls collapsed in exhaustion, the
slippery toy now glistening as it lay cast aside on the
bed. They kissed each other passionately, feeling the
kind of devotion that only one young girl can feel
for another, having traded their youthful innocence
for passion.



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