My Wife

My wife and I were browsing around an adult bookstore, I was so engrossed in a section that had magazines about

3somes and gang bangs, that I didn't notice when my wife wondered off to look at
the section on naked men. The first I knew of it, was when I heard a guy saying to his friend. "Look at that sexy bitch, she looks a bit young to be in here. Mind you, she'd look good on the end of my dick." I looked up to see who

he was referring to. They were staring across to the opposite side of the shop where a group of men had gathered around a girl. There was a lot of laughter and sexy comments. Then I heard the girl say. "No thank you, I'm not going anywhere with you lot." It was then that I realised that it was my wife's voice. "Of course you are." a mans voice replied and I could see that they where propelling her towards the back room. "No!" she said quite sternly but.... she didn't shout or scream or call to me.

I headed them off before they got to the back room and stood where my wife could see me. Our eyes met but she just briefly smiled at me, then continued saying "No! I won't. I don't want to!" "Of course you do. A sexy little bitch like you must be dying for some cock." "No please don't!" she was saying although she wasn't struggling too hard and didn't call me for assistance. Now I didn't know what was going on. This hadn't been planned, we have never had any kind of extra marital sex. We had only been married for 3 weeks, and had only been back from honeymoon for a week, and as far as I knew, she was quite innocent. My lovely wife of whom I'm very proud, is only 18 but with her short cropped hair and slim petite boyish figure, she looks much younger.

She had found a sex magazine of mine the night before, she wasn't annoyed or anything but she wanted to discuss pornography, and we did, until 3 in the morning. She asked me to bring her to a sexy book shop and that is how we came to be here.

The men took her into the room, they left the door open but other guy's where standing in the doorway so I couldn't get a good view. Standing on tiptoe I could see over their heads. "Oh please don't." I could hear her say as they pulled her top off over her head. Her firm small pointy breasts looked magnificent for a moment until they where covered by hands pulling at them and squeezing her nipples and pulling them hard. "Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh" she screamed out but didn't try to pull away or escape. She was lifted up and her skirt was pulled off. I was quite surprised to see that she hadn't been wearing any knickers. She doesn't need a bra so that came as no surprise that she didn't have one on... but no knickers. It began to dawn on me that my little innocent wife perhaps wasn't so innocent or (as she told me later.) she wanted to become experienced. Wanted to try the things that she had only heard about. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You bastards!" she screamed as one guy got between her legs and rammed his cock up her lovely young cunt whilst she was being held in the air by the other guys. The guy stood still while the other men shoved my wife up and down on his dick. "Get the mattress out." someone said. "Then she can take 2 of us on at the same time." They laid her down on the mattress. The guy who had been fucking her, got between her legs and shoved his dick up her cunt again and resumed his fucking.

Some other guys scrambled to see who could get to her mouth first. Her head was pulled up and 2 cocks where trying to force themselves into her tiny mouth. They soon realised she couldn't take 2 at once, so one guy held her head whilst the 2nd guy shoved his big cock into her mouth and right down her throat. By this time I had forced my way through the group and I had an excellent view of my lovely wife being gang raped. For all intents and purposes, it looked like a real gang rape but she had put herself here deliberately, had flirted just enough to get them interested, had verbally protested but hadn't really tried to stop them. If anything, by her actions and sexy wriggling, she had encouraged them. She obviously wanted this, wanted to be the plaything of a group of men. Wanted to be their fucktoy slut. Wanted them to use her sweet young body, to defile her sweetness with their sponk. Shooting it into her cunt, down her throat, over her tits. Those lovely tits that I had lovingly caressed and kissed. She wanted debasement. Wanted to be a receptacle for all their sponk. Now she had given up all pretence, was moaning in the throws of ecstasy, climax after climax wracked her sweet young body. "Yes! Yes! More, fuck me! Shag me!" her voice didn't sound sweet now, it sounded deep and throaty, horny, sexy, slutty. A sponk hungry slut.

And the biggest surprise of all. I was turned on by it. I loved watching 10 men line up waiting their turn to fuck my lovely young bride. I was in a daze, standing there, unable to move, watching it all. Every stroke of a cock. Every squirt of sponk. Every ripple of pure delight that sent shivers through her lovely little body. I don't know how long I had been pulling on my d ick, I don't remember getting it out. I walked towards her, just pushing people out of the way. My brain was filled with lust, I had to have her, had to get my dick into her, had to shoot my sponk into that well used organ of delight. Through the fog in my brain, I could just make out a voice saying "Shove out of the way, let her husband have a fuck. He deserves it, for bringing us this hot little fuck slut." Then I was there, I was inside her loveliness, her sponk filled loveliness. I felt my dick slurp in and out of her wonderful cunt. I never knew sex could be so wonderful, so powerful. "Aaaaaaaagghhhh!!!" I cried as my nerve shattering climax engulfed me. I could feel my loins pouring forth into my wife, my sponk mixing with the sponk of 10 men in her lovely cunt.

I awoke sometime later, they had all gone. Even my wife had gone. The book shop manager told me that she had gone with some black men to a party and she left a message for me that she would be home tomorrow. I awoke the next day at noon, my wife lay asleep beside me. Her neck and breasts where covered in love bites, there was dried sponk all over her body and face and matted in her hair. Her thighs and pussy where red raw. She opened her eyes and said "Mmmmmm! Hello my Darling. I had a wonderful time last night." "You fucking slut! You wonderful fucking slut. How many men fucked you?" "I don't really know. However many there where at the book shop, there where 2 or 3 times as many at the party, but the ones at the party where all black." she giggled. Then, as I sucked on her wonderful well fucked cunt. She told me all the sordid details..... but that's another story.



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